Saturday, November 12, 2011

Status update

"Less than yesterday" from left: Sheemz, Shamz, Kyreelz 

This isn't exactly an entry about a restaurant I am eating at, but I'd still like to put it in nevertheless. Recently, I was involved in a weight-loss competition that, to be honest, I had only said yes to because Sham persuaded me (see that's my problem, I have trouble saying no). And though we didn't win inter-company, apparently, at MMU (the place where I work at when I am not out eating), we were no 1.. can you believe it? between the three of us, we lost 7.2 kg~~!

It was great fun. But when I look in the mirror, I see I am still as skinny as ever. And that trans-fat weight analyzer thingy needs new batteries. Yeah baby  :) 

And you, thanks for reading my little blog, for subscribing (MUAH!!!), sending me messages, comments, emails and just by being supportive. You guys are beautiful and awesome, regardless of how much you weigh  :D

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