Friday, June 8, 2012

Al-Baraka :: Awesome ALGERIAN food

Nadia checking out menu!
I really wanted to get this down today, because it's the first place I have been to in ages that's (i) new and (ii) awesomely fantastic. Miza randomly picked it, with eye's half closed, and I just amiably went along without expecting much.

The menu looked pretty similar to the legendary Saba' restaurant --which I knew is Yemeni, but the walls at this restaurant were plastered with Algerian posters. And a quick chat with the owner at the counter confirmed it. It's all Algerian. 

Mandy Fish! Ha, you didn't think fish can mandi did you?! A!

Fish Kabsah! You can't get this in Saba'! A!

Miza ordered Lamb Kabsah and I ordered Fish Kabsah simply because I've never heard anything like it before. I don't know what Miza's dish tastes like but she said it was delicious. Mine certainly was definitely delicious. And we both couldn't stop complementing our own dishes as we ate, which was funny. Heee~~ It wasn't that we didn't offer each other our orders, it's just that lamb and fish don't mix well together in our (and your) stomachs. If you had both meats, the stomach juices will only process the simplest protein (in this case the fish), so you'd be left with the lamb in your gut for days, which in time turns to toxin. There. Healthy eating tip for ya. I learnt that at a make-up workshop which I attended some 4 years back. The speaker was a nutritionist who was 40 but looked like she was 25. But then again if I had read the eating habits of the Prophet (s.a.w), I'd have found that out sooner: he (s.a.w) never ate fish with meat. Not only for the meal, but the entire day. And he's (s.a.w) never had stomach problems his entire life.

I highly recommend the place. Seriously, it's as good as Saba'--perhaps even better. Will definitely be back and try the humus, insya'Allah. Nadia said she's coming next time. She was stuck in the ACP meeting all morning. Poor thing.

Domain, Cyberjaya

Cleanliness: B+
Food: A++ Kabsah's awesome
Price: ~RM15 including drinks
Satisfaction Level: A
Service: B+
Atmosphere: B+ (good crowd)

p/s the old pictures got wiped out and these are recent pictures when I went there with Nadia December 4th 2012!