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Le Chouette Macaron: awesome cake makers~~

Mazlan's and Shima's wedding cake. May Allah bless our marriage. And yours!

I am an unconventional girl: I don't bother for sophiscated furniture if the room isn't comfortable. I won't fall for a rich fella if we have nothing to talk about and I don't really care for pretty fondant cakes if the inside tastes like a twinkie.

So this is one very extraordinary cake shop I am recommending, because I am very sceptical about cakes. A cake usually looks too good to be true but taste so mediocre you feel you've been ripped-off in broad daylight. Or they taste too good to be true but looks too mediocre to place on a tray for your future mom-in-law. But Le Chouette's seems to have got it covered. Our wedding cake was awesome. It's got breadth and depth ---like a good lecture on a good day.

My engagement cake by Brown Butter Bakes.
Vanilla Latte cake topped with brownies sploshed with choc ganache. Sounds awesome right?
In looks? Maybe not. I didn't get to taste it though, I hope it was good ~~

The cake shop belongs to one of Mazlan's friends so he suggested I check it out. Before you say patut pun puji lebih-lebih due to my apparent growing devotion towards my significant other, I did check out other cake places too. Sumpah. And gained 2 kilos in the process.

So (...begin drumroll..), here are the top 3 reasons you should book a La Machoutte cake for your next wedding, (ok, or birthday party). Or, if you're emotionally unprepared to commit cake-wise, you can start by subscribing to their facebook page and see how their cake pictures alone can make your life one degree sweeter!!

We all wanted a piece of the action!

1. Our cake looked gorgeous and tasted delicious! I had ordered purple velvet because our wedding theme was white, purple, gold and silver (four colours is the new two), and it was so incredibly soft and cheesy and yummy! Alhamdulillah.

That ruffle thing on the cake is a stroke of pure genius. I can never do the ruffle thing (blame my engineering degree and all) and I did ask two cake shops if they can do a ruffle thing and showed them a picture of a Le Chouette cake. And they said (after a long deliberation with their chefs) we don't do ruffles and even if we do ruffles, it won't stand the heat for more than an hour. Our Le Chouette cake stood on the table from 9 am to 3 pm before we finally got round to cutting it and the ruffles remained ruffly faithful throughout the whole ordeal. Like I said,  le pure genius.

My wedding cake from my husband. This cake is priced the same as our
3-tier Le Chouette cake. :))

2. Its butter-cream, not fondant--so its not crazy expensive! Fondant (or marzipan if you like) is that smooth and hard sugary layer that looks so pretty on the cake but you throw out at the end of the day anyway. I have to say, I loved the fondant cake my husband gave me as hantaran. It looked so exquisitely and delicately done, a piece of art in itself and too precious to devour. Thanks Abang and Kak Ayu. Much love. Alhamdulillah.

Note: However, I did notice some fondant cakes on Le Chouettes facebook page, still reasonably priced!

My French macarons. Circa 2010. 

3. The macarons are superb. Granted, they are extremely sweet but they taste like royalty compared to the ones you get near the escalator shop at mid-valley. You can tell Le Chouette's were made with much love and passion-- the emotion lingers even after you burp. Mind you, I have tried macarons in it's homeland in Paris and Le Chouette's macarons come really close.

Beautiful outside, delicious inside and reasonably priced. Stuff we look for in cakes right? If my review doesn't convince you I'm pretty sure you're a buta-cake person and couldn't tell the difference between a cupcake and a muffin anyway. In which case, skip the wedding cake. I can recommend a really good chef that can make the most awesome bingka ubi and kuih ketayap for your special day. Next review! Maybe :)

Facebook them here.
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