Friday, December 28, 2012

Ana Ikan Bakar Petai

The literally awesome menu.
This dining experience actually occured over Deepavali. After watching the kids tire themselves out at my parents house the entire afternoon, we thought we would take them out and watch them go crazy at some other innocent location. There are only two restaurants in Bangi that I know of that has a playground area for kids (please let me know if there are others): McDonalds and Ana Ikan Bakar. After the Gaza episode we are done with McDonalds --for now at least. (Put that french fry down, now). We headed to Ana Ikan Bakar.

You may have read my old review on Ana Ikan Bakar, but since the pictures in that entry got thrashed, we'll pretend it doesn't exist and start afresh. Ana Ikan Bakar is awesome. So awesome in fact, eating there is like going to a human battlefield. The place was simply bustling with people. All the tables were full--we had to stand around for like 10 minutes and stare politely for a table with a virtual neon sign above our heads that read: "Äre you done yet? Cause if you are, please leave". Everybody was speaking at the top of their vocal chords and laughing their lungs out. Everybody's children were out of control and running around wildly. And all the waiters looked half-dead with confusion. Mazlan failed to capture the ambience of the atmosphere with his camera though. I did yell for him to and nearly attacked him with the spoon, but he probably didn't hear me because of all the noise.

Masak cendawan. A++

Ketam masak kuning. OMG. A++

We finally got ourselves a table and I left to pick out the fish, a crab and some sotong while Mazlan guarded the precious piece of furniture like a male penguin with eggs. The verdict on the food: I'll say it again; awesome. The fried sotong was crunchy, the crab in the yellow sauce was bliss and the fish and petai, healthy and heavenly. The nasi kosong (white rice) was good too. It was nice and soft and hot, and since there were 5 of us, they served it in a big rice bowl and we had to cedok it by ourselves, so there was this nice homely feel to Ana's albeit we were in the midst of chaos.

I heard the owner of Ana Ikan Bakar Petai graduated from Soton Uni with an engineering degree, or some other degree not related to food. If that was the case, I am proud to call myself a fellow alumni. If I had the guts to start up a restaurant, I would quit my job in no time. This dependance on makan gaji is just eating at me. I need to start up a business before I go nuts: work when I want to work, play when I want to play. And blog when I want to blog and make some money out of it. Then I can just whizz through the AES cameras like the rempit Mazlan calls me.

Sotong goreng. Gorgeous. A+

The ikan bakar, upon arrival.
upon opening.... yummmmz

So, if you're looking for a nice romantic and quiet dinner with your girlfriend, stay clear of Ana Ikan Bakar Petai. But if your girlfriend don't mind lost kids running around, and lots of noisy people eating under the blinding white kalimantan light cause she's such an awesome girl, Ana Ikan Bakar would probably be just the place to chill and relax and contemplate on quitting smoking before the big day. 

Book a table today. The whole eating experience is like going on holiday in another country for a few hours. 

Ana Ikan Bakar Petai
Sebelah balai polis, Bandar Baru Bangi, 

Cleanliness: B
Food: A++
Price: ~RM60-RM80  I think for the whole family. Thanks Mazlan!
Satisfaction Level: A
Service: B++ (for the crazy amount of people that was there, I would say service was quite fast)   Atmosphere: A++ Lots and lots of people. I love it.