Friday, July 27, 2012

Ana Ikan Bakar Petai ~ terlampau menawan selera

Sheemz's stamp of approval. GO!

I am blogging on a Friday night because the ikan bakar was too good to be true.  I know for a fact that Izham sped at approx. 150 km/hour all the way from Puchong to Bangi secure in the thought that nothing in the ikan bakar category can beat his precious Ala Kassim. After the meal, however, he gracefully conceded and agreed Ana was delicious. True, Ala Kassim was great and still is, but Ana Ikan Bakar was absolutely marvelous. 5 star quality. Pure genius. Einsten. M Nasir. You get the idea.

We went there for moreh so we didn't order a lot: just one medium size kerapu ala bakar petai style. The waiter served  the drinks as we anxiously (Izham) and excitedly (me) waited for the big dish to arrive. It came wrapped in banana leaves with two sauces in little bowls on top. 

We unwrapped the dish carefully like it contained some precious metal*. This is what it looked like inside: (drum roll...)

Ta daaaa~~ (the camera got blurry out of excitement and failed to focus)

My carrot-apple kosong. And somebody's
teh tarik.
The rest is history. You have got to try it to believe it. I personally am marking my calendar right now to bring my entire army of a family for dinner here in the near future. If my sister hadn't already married, I would have booked the place for her reception. To think that the restaurant is only like 500 m away from where I live and I never even cared to review it. Thank you Ala Kassim.

I have yet to try out the other items on the menu, but for now, am just definitely pleased to order the petai dish again. Izham did casually mention one important fact though. We had sotong, prawns, a good-sized siakap and drinks at Ala Kassim for RM65. We just had fish and drinks here and the bill came out to be RM41. Which means....Ala Kassim wins in the monetary department (if we drove from Melaka that is, *cough*).. But then again, consider the fact that Bangi is this future metropolitan city with restaurants conveniently located right next to the fire station. Plus petai is expensive. So RM41 ain't bad. At all.

Believe it or not, this is the menu.
So, if you are looking for healthy, delicious food at possibly the safest location in Bangi, please go straight past Warta and make a left turn after the police station, and you, my friend, will find it. Before ending this review, I leave you with 8 final words of advice: pack a good toothbrush with extra-strength colgate. 

My kind of restaurant.
Ana Ikan Bakar
Bandar Baru Bangi, 
(exit Tol Bangi from Lebuhraya KL-Seremban. Take first left at roundabout, do first possible u-turn. Turn left after bomba)

Cleanliness: B+
Food: A++ the budu sauce was the king of all sauces.
Price: RM41 for kerapu bakar petai, 2 white rice and drinks. Thank you Izham :D
Satisfaction Level: A
Service: A
Atmosphere: A

p/s Surau and playground facilities available. Its like a little Kampung Ana Petai village.

*gold lah. Apa lagi..


  1. can't wait for the next review!

  2. bila nak bukak posa dengan i pulak sheem....

  3. ala kassim better . :P