Thursday, November 3, 2011

Red Wok BBB (A family affair)

Red wok is this awesome relatively new restaurant in Bandar Baru Bangi that is located right up there in Section 7. Going to Red Wok is always a family affair; in fact, the trip there a few Saturdays back was to celebrate my sister's birthday. She turned 25. Which is surprising as so am I.

I have always loved Chinese food. So I may be bias in my review of this restaurant. Back during the days when my taste buds were wild, the King's Buffet (which was a chinese restaurant close to my university) was a favourite hangout for lunch and dinner. In fact, if they also opened for breakfast, I would have set up camp on the premises. Kung Pao, General Tao's, orange, cashew, and Hunan chicken were my excruciatingly favourite dishes when ravenous. Red Wok is as close as I can get to all the food mentioned above without having to purchase a ticket from Air Asia, where apparently now everyone can fly.

So back to Red Wok, we ordered our regular favourites: lemon chicken, sweet and sour prawns, an entire tray of seafood fried rice, soft-shelled fried crabs, prawns fried in crispy batter, broccoli and garlic, bean curd in claypot and the main protien dish: kerapu in kerabu mangga (kerapu is a type of fish that is fleshy with minimal bones and kerabu mangga is mango salad). 

Now lets recap the experience.

Ignore the cake. Its from Secret Recipe.
The lemon chicken is drenched in this lemony sauce that is just the right level of sweetness to go with the rice and yet, still crunchy. I am not a big fan of prawns and crabs, mainly because I find shelling them tedious, but they were fresh and sweet and crispy and the shells --edible, for some indescribable reason, so you just swallow them whole, which to me  is a whole new experience. Soft-shelled crabs? wow. Never cease to amaze me. How do these little guys get along in real life when the shell no longer serves a purpose?

The kerabu mangga with the fish was OK, since I am not so into fish and mango combined. But it does taste very healthy.. and that's important. They also have all this garnishing on it that makes it look really special. Like you're a favourite customer. But then you notice everyone else is a favourite customer. Bummer.

The broccoli and garlic, for lack of a better word: delicious. The broccoli was bright green, which means perfectly cooked, and the garlic was white and crunchy and perfectly sliced, which means perfectly cooked. If the chef was a guy, he could go four.

Last but not least the seafood fried rice. Simple yet tasty. One does not really concentrate on the carbs when there's so much good protein to go around.

And finally, the best thing about Red Wok and that is the bill never cease to amaze me. For everything that we ordered, including fruit drinks, tea, and ABC combined, served to 7 over-the-average-sized loyal citizens of Malaysia, the bill was only about RM150++. And even better, the wait was too short to be true, was hot when it arrived, and nearly all at once. Gordon Ramsey would have been speechless.

We are already planning sister's no 6 birthday there next month. She's turning 19, which, surprise surprise, so am I :)

Cleanliness: B 
Food: A- (delicious and fresh)
Price: ~RM20 per pax (including drinks)
Satisfaction Level: A-
Service: A- (friendly waiters, very short wait)
Atmosphere: B (bit noisy, lots of customers, open-air restaurant, can be quite warm unless it rains)
Note: handicap friendly because it is in a lot all by itself.

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  1. red wok sucks the food is disgusting DO NOT eat there

  2. your chinese blood so diluted!!!