Thursday, November 3, 2011

KFC Cyber (parking a challenge)

This should come as no surprise, KFC is everywhere in Malaysia, so I might as well put it in as I had lunch there with Ning today. The worst thing about KFC in Cyberjaya is the parking. If you go, go on foot. Cause you'd be going round the block a few times to find a parking spot, and will probably end up parking illegally at some weird angle near the Petronas petrol station, just like I did today.

Well, we all know what KFC tastes like, so I won't elaborate. Crunchy, crispy, oily, and cholesterol-ful. Top it with some slaw and mash and a sugar-loaded soft drink. Yummy. KFC actually evolved from the full blown Kentucky Fried Chicken logo to simply KFC just so that consumers would forget what the F stood for. As if. We know fried chicken when we see one, even if the entire cooperation is renamed Kentucky Boiled Chicken.

Not that they'd have to. We're crazy about fried banana's too so chicken's no prob.

The new tom-yam flavoured hot and spicy ain't all that good. And I am guessing this is only available in Thailand and Malaysia. Colonel Saunders would go bonkers if he was still alive. The secret is in the 11 herbs and spices. Not 11 herbs and spices and calamondin leaves. 

And what happened to the egg-tarts? They couldn't wait for the chickens to lay eggs no more? Business must be good albeit park at will. So next stop at KFC cyber? Let me check my calendar -- erm never. Not until I get a parking space. And a free egg-tart.

Ning wants two mash and I wanted two slaws.
So it worked out pretty well for both of us.

Cleanliness: C (tables all over the place, condiment section a mess)
Food: B- (regular fast food quality)
Price: ~RM12 per pax (including drinks)
Satisfaction Level: B-
Service: B (cashier was OK)
Atmosphere: C (hustle and bustle)