Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Secret Recipe Cyberjaya (go only for cake and coffee)

Its no secret anymore that Secret Recipe has no secret recipe. They mass package the food, distribute it to their restaurants across town and store it in the freezers until you order it. Which is why we always drop by for just cake and coffee these days (don't we Ning?). But desperate times call for desperate measures. And today I was really desperate. One mugful of Nestle cereal with low-fat milk isn't exactly a fantastic substitute for lunch. By 3pm I was running low. By 4 I nearly fainted. Trust me, the guy I will eventually end up with will love me for all my soft spots even if he is dead skinny.

So, with the will of Conan the Barbarian, I made a near bee-line for Secret recipe. It was 4:45pm, I had class at 6pm, so it wasn't really a leisure meal. For the first time since birth, I probably had a meal in a restaurant alone. It was a defining experience because it was quite enjoyable and the waiters were practically all over me with the menu.

So I ordered the Tom Yam noodle thingy, which looked really good in the picture with two big prawns sitting fine and pretty on it. And got just one -- what a conn. The waiter remembers I like chopsticks with my noodles, and he had them ready for me which was nice. I only had warm water though, after reading that article on water therapy from Japan about all the sludge accumulating in your gut if you had your meal with cold drinks. Whilst slurping noodles like Lady and the Tramp, I pretended not to eaves-drop on the relatively flat, monotonous and unexciting conversation the couple next to me were having. 

Then I called for my bill, paid the RM20 (tax and service was RM4) and left with renewed energy for class. Not that the noodles brimmed with goodness and tasted awesome. Just had more gas to work on before bed. Looking forward to the Nestle cereal before dinner. 

Cleanliness: B (sofa could do with a wash)
Food: C+ (not the same with picture in menu)
Price: ~RM20 per pax (excluding drinks or cake)
Satisfaction Level: B
Service: B+ (friendly waiters, short wait)
Atmosphere: B+ (nice and quite, sofa can do PDA)


  1. that pix is the real thing, or from menu?

  2. its from the menu!!! i was too hungry to remember to take a picture of the stuff before I gulped it down..

  3. Je bien voudrais gouter les nourritures Malaisienne après demie année ici. Bonjour mon amie, ça va ?

    Siapa kata saya tak update ... ada gambar nasi lemak ? ... i really miss nasi lemak, no.. i miss the abundance of nasi lemak!

    (kawan anda dari Perancis)

  4. Bien merci mon ami. Nasi lemak update may come soon. Currently on diet for two weeks! :)

  5. ohh shima..i remember that day..but i thought you msg me asking for memamak..but it seems your 'lunch' turned out much better..ok next time we go for cake and coffee?