Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sushi King: fit for a queen..!

Mazlan and Kikoman
For the longest time I had wanted to go to Sushi King. Make that since 2007 when I landed in Kuala Lumpur and the humid air hit me. But absolutely no one in my circle of friends likes Japanese food. Except for my bro, and he gets them from Carefour.

As a result, every time I passed by Sushi King I would sigh and trudge to the foodcourt. Of course no one really notices my pain. But then I met Mazlan and he flicks his hair and goes: Sushi anyone? And suddenly the sky turns turquoise. 

So guess where we went to last weekend? Yes, Sushi King, and I am very excited to do this review. This was a business lunch; eating sushi is business. Because Japanese are such workaholics, we pretend we are too.
Sushi queen.

Here is why you should all try out sushi, even though you hate it because its been balled (i.e., someone has been toying with your food I know) and the wasabi makes you snort and go cross-eyed for a second.

Mackarel sushi and Salmon sushi. A++

1. Raw salmon is not bad at all.

2. The waiters are really nice. They really are. They are soft-spoken like the Japanese. Even though they come from all over the world. They must have gone through some sort of Japanese (war) training. 

Right under our very noses...

3. Don't bother ordering off the menu. You're going to get food off the conveyor belt regardless. One little saucer passes by under your nose--*checking watch*--every 1.5 seconds.

4. It tastes better than it looks. And it looks good.

Golden egg. Half of it is gone. A+
Tuna sushi with rice and cucumber. A+

5. The golden egg is superb.

6. The fried vegetables in that light tempura batter is crazy wild.

Veggies in tempura. Kisses! A++

Wow. You're amazing!
Look! I can finally lift food!

7. Using chopsticks increases hand-eye coordination. With enough practice you can become a kung-fu panda master and defend yourself with it. And betcha the kids will gape at you in awe.

8. It is very very good although I am told the sushi we have in Malaysia isn't anything like the ones the Japanese eat. In a way, this means you're not going to culture-shock your taste-buds senseless. It's food you are going to like.

Mazlan being chef. Mixing sauce with the wasabi. Thats how you do it folks.

In a nutshell, head over to sushi king like the queen that you are! And when you do go, I recommend you sit at the bar in front of the chef. Just because! 

From the menu. A++

Sushi King

Cleanliness: A
Food: B++ (its delicious but I haven't tried other sushi places yet)
Price: ~RM40 per person. Very expensive. Thank you Mazlan. :)
Satisfaction Level: FULL
Service: Great
Atmosphere: A++ nice and warm and friendly.


  1. watashino nama-e-wak mazlan des!
    oshi! oshi!

  2. Thanks for the review shima :)

  3. i think the unagi is not halal..last time they used to have the halal logo but then somehow they discovered that the unagi contained a few percentage of alcohol so they take down the halal logo..a little while after that, they put like a notification at every table stating that unagi is not halal but i don't see it anymore these days..the ingredient and how-to-make unagi itself contain alcohol..so i avoid unagi ever since..
    and their nitsume is somehow suspicious..you know when you go oversea for example japan and its hard to determine whats halal and whats not..if you find something that is extremely delicious and it makes you addicted from the 3rd bite, something is wrong and you better check the ingredient..well, nitsume have that kind of effect on me..so i didnt eat that as well..maybe that's just me
    anyways..just sharing my experience..i love sushi king but i just dont eat those stuff..and i love your food review! keep it up!

    1. Really? wow...i am glad u told me. I will keep this in mind next time. Thank you!