Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cyberjaya's very own TOKIO

I should have blogged about this place ages ago, but the AES cameras planted by the roadside on my way back from work means I reach home 10 minutes later than usual; that's 50 minutes a week of valuable blog time down the drain.

Ning introduced me to this place because she thought it awesome. And I brought Nadia few weeks later because I concur! Here are the top 10 reasons why Tokio is the number 2 eatery in Cyberjaya, surpassed only by Saba' out of my loyalty to lamb kabsah not served by Tokio.

And in true Letterman style, begin drumroll...

10. They have a fridgeful of the (i)  most frightfully-delicious looking desserts and cakes at (ii) prices that puts Starbucks and Secret recipe to shame. A new birthday-celebration location without spending hundreds at Verandah, .

9. They are open spaced and airy with high ceilings, open-air air conditioning and glass walls which reminds me of Sakura Kristal. I love it.

8. The waiters are friendly and smiley, though one of them drags his feet as if he finds your every request unworthy but still, he flashes the once in a while toothy grin and gets the food served fairly quick. Most importantly they speak Malay and English, so they understand what you order without you pointing at the menu and grunting.

Mongolian beef. A+

Salmon. Awesome! A++
Macademia Cheesecake A++

Tuna sandwich. Nadia's. A+
Salmon Sandwich. Shima's. A++

7. The food arrived fairly quickly. And at around the same time for everybody. Gordon Ramsey would be impressed. Hell's Kitchen has finally frozen over.

6. The seating arrangment is awesome! I can't say enough on how cosy and homely the set up is.

5.  Its really close to MMU and will take you 2 minutes to get there (right by CIMB and Maybank) and;

4. Parking is not hard to find and you don't have to pay for it.

3. Everyone who eats there seems classy because the place oozes with class.~

2. The menu selection is awesome (except for the baked rice with cheese; me and Nadia have some reservations on that one but we might try it next time).

And the top reason of all.......

1. The food was superb. Desert was superb. The tea was superb. It came in a teapot (sweet!) and you can do refills (get the Earl Grey). Superb. I love it.

are you sick of CFC, KFC, BK and McD? (you should be, they're all fast food). Get flying to Tokio fast. It's awesome and you dont need Air-Asia to get there.

Cleanliness: A
Food: A
Price: RM25++ per meal with drinks
Satisfaction level: A
Atmosphere: A++

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  1. shimza?shima i baru nak introduce kat my fnd abt this tokio..baca balik blog u ni..useful sgt..wink..