Friday, November 30, 2012

Nyonya Valley :: Good Food, bad service..

The cute menu cover. Aww...
Just got back from lunch and I have two items on my to-do list. So I am typing this entry and trying to publish in say 15 minutes before I scramble back to work and send Mr H the stuff he requested.

This is lunch just now with Miza at Cyberview Lodge. If you turn left at the entrance of MMU, just keep going down that road, pass the traffic lights at MSC and you'll see a turn on your right. That's Cyberview Lodge. The restaurant we're reviewing today: Nyonya Valley.

I speculate that Nyonya Valley is the sister restaurant to Seri Penang in Cyber Domain and Penang Village in Alamanda, both of which I had done reviews before, and both with Miza. I am not saying their owners are related, but the menu looks and the food tastes almost the same. From the 3 nyonya restaurants stated here though, Nyonya Village now comes out as number 1. Food-wise only though.

Curry Laksa. Awesome A++
Nasi Goreng Claypot Nyonya A++

I ordered the curry laksa, recommended by the waiter, and Miza ordered the nyonya clay-pot fried rice. Both were Awesome with a capital A. In my beloved mother-tongue: it was secukup rasa. The only problem was service. Our drinks were already finished by the time food arrived, and Miza's order arrived a good 15 minutes after mine. By Gordon Ramsey's standards there would be hell in the kitchen already, and even then, twice we watched the waiter scurry about with our orders confused at which table to send it too. Crazy disappointing. And there I was, a food reviewer in the house. It's like being flashed by an AES camera when you're doing 60 km/h. Sorry Nyonya Valley --but you need to step it up a little.

Waiting for Miza's dish to arrive..
My bff. She doesn't recommend the drink.

Front entrance
My lemon tea. B++

Bottom-line, go to Nyonya Valley when there's not too much crowd. Or perhaps you might want to order in advance for a potentially awesome dining experience. Definitely do not go there Fridays when you're in a hurry to catch Friday prayer. We saw the Malay guy from the next table still eating at 1:30 because his dish arrived later than everybody elses. Dude! No way!

Nyonya Valley

Cyberview Lodge, Cyberjaya

Cleanliness: B+
Food: A++
Price: RM15 per person with drinks
Satisfaction Level: B
Service: D++
Atmosphere: A (a big crowd during lunch).

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