Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tutti Frutti (good for you, not so for your wallet-- I mean purse)

A tutti frutti visit...!

Tutti Frutti is this froyo place which serves healthy yogurt ice-cream. Or frozen yogurt if you like. The target consumer I guess would be 7 to 25 year olds who'd be really excited at getting a chance to pull the ice-cream lever, and top it with delicious (unhealthy) toppings, which in all likelihood cancels out the health benefits of froyo.

For the slightly wiser 25+ and above (that'd be me and the people I hang out with), the anti-colon cancer pitch makes the whole experience and cost, a little bit more worth it.

A tutti frutti moment. 

For the 50 and above, the froyo, the deco and the lever-pulling will probably evoke undescrible emotions similar to akwardness, healthy or not. I, for one, cannot even begin to imagine dragging my Sean Connery of a father to this delightfully cute place. My grandmother though, perhaps, since, there's a 15% discount on Tuesdays for girls at the cyber Domain outlet. And for the Bangi one, Wednesdays.The perks of being a woman. Aren't we feeling lucky. :D

Go for all the berry and red flavours. They taste almost as good as Baskins (almost being the definitive keyword). Avoid coffee, vanilla and original. They taste like bacteria (i.e., kulat). I don't care how good it is for my colon, my colon says no. And by the way, go easy with the lever. You don't want too much froyo in the paper tub. Because, as you shall find out soon enough my friend, froyo for colon-cancer prevention is nearly as expensive as chemotherapy.

(And we ask to never have to eat Tutti-Frutti for that reason ya Allah. Amin).

Credits to Mazlan for the coolest pictures!
Tutti Frutti, 
Cyberjaya (Domain), BBB also got

Cleanliness: A-
Food: B+ (good for you, but expensive)
Price: usually ~RM15 (depends on how lever-friendly you are)
Satisfaction Level: B+ (hey, its good for you, isn't it!)
Service: A (since you're serving yourself)
Atmosphere: Childish and Cute Deco. *Have you seen my childhood* by MJ comes to mind.

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  1. Why why why?
    I gelak kot everytime i read your new posts.
    Ada masukkan stand up comedienne tak dalam to do list? :P

  2. weih, akak so have you in my to-do list for wong solo...nantilah okay...I will sms

  3. Haha.okay! We kilang plastic people balik at 4pm sepanjang december. :)

  4. hahahaha..where the hell is the like button on this blog..

  5. this is my favourite post to date shima

  6. shima...it s more just a place to hang out at..dont u think? next stop is baskin robbins?

  7. Definitely...jom....

  8. Love this piece. U really have a knack for writing.
    Tapi y didnt u tell me theres coffeeee????? Waaahhhhhh! Tak nampak pun..