Tuesday, November 1, 2011

San Francisco BBB (go after payday)

So, two nights ago, me and Armand decided to spend some quality time over some good food at San Francisco. The San Francisco described here is a corner restaurant at the T-junction as you enter Bangi from Tol Kajang/Putrajaya, facing the Zakat Selangor and Termite Terminator billboards.

The last time we had dinner here was some months ago last year, and never returned since, mainly because I nearly choked on the RM100++ bill we received. This time, however, we weren't going to binge. The plan was to eat healthy food, watch football on the bigscreen and discuss Armand's defense tactics for his football game at school.

The menu at San Francisco's is mainly Italian. One wonders where the San Francisco came from. If I had to choose an arbitrary city name for a restaurant serving Italian food and bits and pieces from other parts of the world, Cyberjaya would be a bit more glamorous, in my opinion. (Yes, there was a hint of sarcasm in there somewhere).

There was a good choice of pizza's, calzones, and pasta. Lots of seafood soups and lamb with rice dishes as well. We decided on mushroom soup and garlic bread for appetizer. And for the main course, Armand had the salmon linguine and I had Caesar salad with beef strips.

The garlic bread was delicious. Warm and fresh. So those disappeared in a matter of mili-seconds. The mushroom soup was delightful. If the only mushroom soup you've tasted in your entire life was from Pizza Hut you'd be thrilled to your toes because there are lots of mushroom bits in there. However, I can faintly taste the cornflour they added to thicken the sauce.  Fortunately Armand was too hungry to care. And the garlic bread made up for the loss.

The Caesar salad was good and bad news. The leaves, the croutons and the dressing were great but the beef strips tasted like thick rubber bands (or maybe they were supposed to taste that way?). They were so chewy my jaws locked after 3 mouthfuls. So I picked them out and fed them to the cat under the table. Kidding. The restaurant was nice and chic. No stray cats running about. Definitely no cockroaches or termites. Not with the big termite sign across the street.

Armand's pasta was nice and rich. As a result, he didn't finish it and I was tired of chewing rubber to help him out. The coffee I had ordered was divine. It kept me up thinking until 2 am.

The bill was RM65++.

Armand said next week we'll go for the lamb ribs. His mom said we'll see.

Cleanliness: A+
Food: A-/B+
Price: ~RM30 per pax
Satisfaction Level: A-
Service: A- (friendly waiters, short wait)
Atmosphere: A (great bonding experience)

Share your San Francisco experience.


  1. pictures of the food?? was it 'that' good you were too slow to take the photos ;)

  2. Tonberry, it was OK good. Your question gave me an idea...am gonna write how good it is in the title!! thanks for reading...