Monday, June 19, 2017

Suraya Thai Cuisine, Bandar Baru Bangi

18, Jalan 7/7a, Seksyen 7 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia,  +60 3-8920 2181 

Suraya Thai Cuisines latest customers..

I have not written for so long, but this little restaurant simply propels me to! It was such a good bukak puasa (break fast) experience, I think I owe it to the community to let them know of it's existence.

The plan was to eat out on Father's Day because it was the only excuse I can come up with. I had called Cibiuk Bangi -- Full, Ocean Hauz -- Full, Red Wok -- Line Busy, gave up after 5 tries, and finally Suraya Thai. Suraya Thai crossed my mind because we had tried to break fast there once without booking in advance and they literally shooed us away. This squished little restaurant had to park half of its ravenous customers in front of the closed tire shop next door and all over the parking lot.

You may have read my old entry on Suraya @ Kpg Baru, I have a feeling this is the Bangi sister shop. It's on the same block as Pustaka Rakyat, Bangi's biggest bookstore, just across from Mydin Seksyen 7, so all you sub-urban people can skip the its-too-far- and-I-can't-stand-the-jams-in-KL excuse to get there, Its in Bangi and it serves the Kpg Baru menu, among them -- fresh grated Som Tam and pulut mangga. Wowww..says Luqman, the latest addition to the family that has stopped me from blogging these past 2 years, what's thiss??? --latest favourite words.

To cut it short, here is what we ordered:
  1. Rice for 6 people (they served it in a big rice bowl with lid)
  2. Ikan siakap 3 rasa (rated A++, finger licking good)
  3. Sotong goreng tepung (rated B+ -- sauce was nice, serving was small however)
  4. Som Tam (rated A - one of the best ever)
  5. Tom Yam Pok Tek (rated B+, first time I had it so can't compare. It had Lala and squid in it)
  6. Big glass asam boi, teh o ais and jug of fresh orange.
  7. Pulut mangga x 2 (rated B+, really nice but the pulut could stay a bit longer in cooker, but that's just me, I prefer pulut lembik).
  8. Total price: RM120.

Siakap 3 rasa, Big size, (enough for 5)

Tom Yam Pok Tek (enough for 4)

Som Tam (enough for 5)

Sotong goreng tepung (enough for me only!)

For 6 people, which includes one really messy individual who throws food around and makes our bibik pull her hair in despair everyday and mops the floors twice daily, it is a very very reasonable price. I had called in to book the table at 3 pm and selected the menu by looking up some google images and advice from helpful comments. The general rating online from FB, 4square etc is about 3.6 but I would definitely give it a 3.999999 ~ 4 rating. Those who pull down the average probably had to sit in front of the corner tire shop. (Request for table inside. Say you're sensitive to rain or something.)

Enjoy the pictures. Selamat berbuka puasa!

Pulut Mangga
Suraya Thai, Seksyen 7, BBB 
Cleanliness: B
Food: A-
Price: A
Satisfaction Level: A
Service: A
Atmosphere: A

p/s Special TQ to Mr Hubs who bought us all baju raya yesterday~

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