Tuesday, May 7, 2013

PappaRich: Appropriately priced with a touch of class

Reflecting on our reflection. 

I am reviewing PappaRich for the PRU13 Election Day. Because we went there for breakfast after voting, and it felt good. To do the right thing. For once. (I've never voted before).

The bridge: Work YES. Ceramah NO. Lol..

Mazlan showing off his finger.

You've probably been to Old Town right? Well PappaRich is a step ahead of Old Town. The place is comfier, the food is tastier and the service is better. And I have been to a lot of Old Town's and PappaRiches. And PappaRich surpasses Old Town every time. So I am not going to review Old Town (for now). All I can say is the laksa at Old Town is awesome, but lately the servings have been getting smaller and colder (slow). And that has turned me off. Not to mention the outlet at Cyberjaya and Paradigm Mall makes you order at the counter and pay up before they even serve. Do I look like I'd run out of the place when I'm done? Or the guy standing next to me? Yes? Well, no trust no love no order food anymore.

The steamed chicken. 

Le chicken rice. A+
Back to Pappa's, the best thing to order here is anything that comes with the steamed chicken. It is tasty and tender and the watery sauce they put on it is yummylicious even as I bet you a hundred ringgit it's just monosodium glutamate with a dash of soy sauce. I have tried all the breads too. Roti kaya, roti telur, roti sardin telur, roti canai, roti curry and roti susu pekat. All are good. Go for it. 

(Not so sure with the western dishes though. I wouldn't go that far. I have yet to find a good chicken chop dish that is not hanyir.)

Much thanks, Pappa. For allowing us to eat first and pay later unlike your equally glamorous sister-kopitiam where "taking our time" does not include paying. We trust you will keep on serving good steamed chicken. You can trust we will be back for more. If not soon, on the next election day for sure--albeit four years from now. It will be the new tradition for the family. Vote and... "Pappa's?" "Ok". Mazlan would love that conversation. It is so short it's sweet.

Next review insya'Allah: Papa Johns. Oh..., how I have missed thee.. 

This is a shima recommended restaurant! Go!

all over Malaysia

Cleanliness: A+
Food: B++
Price: approx RM35++ for two. Thanks abang :)
Satisfaction Level: A
Service: A
Atmosphere: A

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