Friday, January 13, 2012

J.Co Donuts & Coffee (Amazing froyo. The real thang~~!!)

This is me on one of my me, myself and I trips. Because I like it like that.

Place I am reviewing: J.Co Donuts and this one is located in Puchong. It was one of those really spontaneous buys. I wasn't really planning on anything sweet and unhealthy, in fact, I was on my way to a Subway sandwich, but as fate would have it, I detoured and went straight to the ice-cream counter. What can I say, I am only human. Who is naive. Ambitious. Sweet. Pretty cool. Okay, okay, I'll stop.

Real froyo. I mean it. YES. YES. YES.

So, have you ever tasted yogurt? I mean real yogurt? And then have you ever stuck the yogurt pot in the freezer and tasted it frozen, like, in a cute and spunky (gedik) way? Yes? definitely nothing like Tuitti Fruitti right? But.. then again, Tuitti Fruitti may have added some supplementary jargon in their froyo to spring-clean your colon. 

And the froyo at J.Co's? No kidding but it cannot possibly get any better than this. It is the absolute real froyo. This is definitely frozen yogurt to the last letter of the spoken word(s). It is frozen yogurt perfection. It is what frozen yogurt should taste like, and that is frozen yogurt. Not ice-cream. Not medicine. Have I convinced you enough? OK, last attempt: J.Co's froyo is adult, no play-play froyo. The real thang~~!

Unlike the Tutti Fruitti playhouse, here you have no control of any ice-cream lever, so it's all mature and serious. The froyo comes in several different shaped containers depending on the number of toppings you choose. The Jayco girl recommended the three-topping because the one up higher had more toppings but less yogurt, so I went along with it.

So she swirled the yogurt into this square plastic container and asked me to choose the toppings. There were several fruits, jams, honey (and jams/honey is what the Greek eat their yogurt with -- so J.CO is so cool, I thought), and cereal to choose from. And here's what I chose (please pay attention future life-companion): longan, strawberry and mandarin oranges. But I regretted the strawberries because they were sour! And wished I had chosen the strawberry jam instead~! My one and only regret in life to date, it seems. 

Baby donuts. RM18. Do not eat babies.
They are very good.
Along with my yogurt I also grabbed---okay....... politely lifted and paid for---a box of baby donuts for home. (It was right in front of my nose on the counter; you'd have to be mental to resist). Yes, they really are called baby donuts, it said so on the box. And I think they come from the middle parts of mommy and poppy donuts. Waste not, want not right? Make every relative doughnut count. 

I have to say, the donuts with all of its fancy toppings looked and tasted exceedingly similar to Big Apples. I suspect the recipe came from the same toothless grandma (all that sugar can't be good for her). Which is probably why Dunkin donuts have yet to go bankrupt: originality, even though Dunkin's taste like they're 2 days old as soon they leave the oven.

And the verdict? Go for the yogurt. Excellent stuff. Skip the doughnuts, they're unhealthy. Well. Maybe once or twice a year is fine. 

J.Co Donuts & Coffee, IOI Mall, Puchong
Cleanliness: B+
Food: B++
Price: ~RM12 per pax for yogurt. Add another RM10 for a drink and a free doughnut.
Satisfaction Level: B++
Service: B++
Atmosphere: B (cool place to kick back and take pictures of your food)

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