Friday, January 20, 2012

Black Canyon (never judge a restaurant by its name~~)

Ning's frothy coffee. YES. YES

When I think Black Canyon, I think high, steep cliff and people plunging to their deaths. How about you? Is that why you've been avoiding that place all this time..? Huh? Huh?

Now the neurons in my brain have rewired to take on a different path. All I can think about when Black Canyon comes to mind, is the ultimate selection of coffee that puts Starbucks to shame, combined with --and here's the surprising part--Siamese cuisine. The reason it took a while for me to blog this one down is because I can't come up with enough English words to describe the dining experience without doing a cut and paste from the overwhelming Sup Ketin review. But I'm telling ya..the place was beyond our wildest expectations. Not that it was that wild. OK, just a little bit wild.

Spicy seafood salad with fresh lemongrass. YES YES YES

This was a Shima & Ningy Saturday session. After gawking over Tom Cruise like a couple of teenagers for two hours in Ghost Protocol, it was time for lunch and a spot of karaoke. Although, now that I am sitting comfortably in my reclining chair as I type this in, I think I am getting sick of karaoke. I'm going pro. 

Stir-fried prawn, chicken and cili with jasmine rice. YES
Here's that cili prawn and chicken again. You can get it on its own. YES.
My coffee in a glass boot. YES

I am just going to cut through the chase here. The coffee and desert selection --was more than words can say.  It had it's own menu book for it. Credits to Ning, she did a good job at choosing the stuff we ate that day. Her choice of coffee came with tea (would you believe it?) and these adorable little fish biscuits. And it was only RM6.50.  The stir-fried cilli of prawn & chicken, and the spicy seafood salad with lemongrass were both divine. The rice was jasmine, how cute (and delicious) is that? I never though Siam food could be so awesome. I had thought their greatest food creation was just Tom-Yam. And kerabu mangga. Apparently not.

You may now start looking at the pictures and start dribbling. The manager came by to see if we were OK. I promised her a good review of the restaurant. Promise delivered. Go people!

Sheemz's stamp of approval. Go!
Black Canyon
left side of Alamanda Foodcourt, Putrajaya
Cleanliness: A
Food: A
Price: ~RM20 per person including drinks.
Satisfaction Level: A 
Service: A
Atmosphere: A


  1. Haha.mak and i pun was talking about BC haritu.kenapa tak pernah pergi padahal pergi alamanda selalu je.
    Guess we can go there next time lah since dah dapat cop mohoq! ;)

  2. Yes...akak pun plan to go back with armand coz the desert selection looks pretty good too!

  3. akak, akak kene ada food show sendiri la. boleh propose kat Astro channel AFC. ehehehe.. ;)

  4. hahaha...thanks for the moral support sha...muah!