Thursday, January 19, 2012

Penang Village (good food, awful service)

Miza and her cendol bandung.
Seem familiar? YES
Yesterday and the day before I was sick. And the doctor said I needed to stay home and rest even though I looked pretty okay on the outside. So today, to get rid of that final piece of viral infection that was tensing my muscles, it was time to shop and review a restaurant. With Miza. And the place we chose was Penang Village.

The large crowd during lunch implied good food. So we were pretty confident this was going be a great review, and I could enthusiastically recommend this place to you guys, and all of you would go and rock Penang Village with your significant others  and babies.

The deco was nice, the chairs in the backroom where we sat ---awesomely comfortable; black leather with an armrest to one side, I was quite impressed. We sat down and the waiter, who was all smiles, presented us with two dog-eared menus that did not quite match the new deco. Never mind that, we enthusiastically scanned the entrees.

 I asked the waiter for the most-ordered dish. And he said kuew teow goreng. I ordered mine without the tauge (beansprouts) and prawns and Miza went for original recipe. We also ordered the Pie Tei for appetizer and two cendol syrups.

My kuew teow. Not pedas enough! 
Here's what happened:

Miza got her food first. Her plate was stained like it was not washed properly. Mine arrived about 10 minutes later. So by the time we ate, Miza's kuew teow must have cooled off already. 

The Pie Tei, although delicious, arrived with dirty spoons, so we used our hands.

My glass of water smelled used so I asked for a new one. (What did it smell like? air liur basi).

Miza's kuew teow. YES.
I had requested my kuew teow hot, but it did not have a single piece of cili in it, even though it originally said on the menu: chicken prawns, and cilis. (Chicken prawn must be some kind of prawn, because there was not a single piece of chicken in mine).

And my cendol syrup arrived just as we were leaving.

The dining experience fell so short of my expectations, it is affecting my opinion of the food as I write this. In comparison, Seri Penang in Cyberjaya had nice crisp menus, more dedicated waiters and  food presented on very clean dishes. Perhaps we just got unlucky and it was just not our day at Penang Village. Good thing there were lots to talk about.

Pei Tei. YES.
So in retrospect, next time we want nyonya food, you know where we're heading to right? Take a wild guess.

Penang Village
Alamanda, Putrajaya
Cleanliness: C (dishware dirty, awful)
Food: B+
Price: RM25 per pax including appetizer and cendol
Satisfaction level: C
Service: B+ (waiters were friendly)
Atmosphere: B (quite a good crowd, regardless)

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  1. shima..we still had a good time..talking abt berita sensasi kekeke...

    1. muahahaha...hmm seems like old news now...kekeke...