Monday, January 16, 2012

Dunkin' Donuts (not the best, but berry special :)

The dougnuts.

I guess Dunkin is not a guy. But a verb. Dunk em, dunk in coffee, dunkin' doughnuts. You feel the same way? I always pass by Dunkin donuts with one eye closed in Alamanda...nah...not desperate, but every single time I pass by the Dunkin donuts at Tol Sungai Besi, my car gets a life of its own, swerves to the left and parks itself right in front of the store. Darn it. I need a Smart Tag, that's what I need.

So this was one of those days. Went in. Ordered the doughnuts and got out. Placed doughnuts on passenger seat and took picture immediately because you never know how much will be left in the box when I reach Bangi. 

Lets elaborate.
Double chocolate: Sham. The topping was coffee flavoured. And since I am overdosed with coffee lately to the point of palpitations and fever, I nearly choked with surprise. Dunkin's always do this to me. Come up with a flavor and give it some random name. There is too much chaos in the world already. 

Bavarian: My long-standing favourite. Ever since I had to wait at Pudu Raya waiting for my parents to pick me up from boarding school, which was hours and hours, I have been munching on this stuff. The reason behind my homeliness and pimples.

Berry berry: Berry berry good. I loved it. The strawberry icing made me smile wide and the driver in the next car smiled back and I stopped smiling. Wierdo. I can buy an entire box of Bavarian and Berry berry.

Almond whatever: Just regular doughnut with icing and almonds. There's a J.Co and Big Apple version of this as well. So generic. So normal. So medium. So regular. So plain. So whatever.

Black Forest: Another sham. This was just a regular doughnut with chocolate topping. There was nothing black foresty about it one bit. But, it did taste good. I'll give you that. 

So there you have it. And until the next time I pass by Tol Sungai Besi for another six-pack of fat, go for Bavarian and Berry berry. They dunkin' rock.

Dunkin' Donuts, Tol Sungai Besi
Cleanliness: B
Food: B (not too sweet, just OK)
Price: ~RM13 per box 
Satisfaction Level: A-
Service: B 
Atmosphere: B 


  1. shima..bila ni?ingat resting at home..:)

  2. isnin la...masa kena pergi UM sorang2....*SSOOBBB*

  3. Shima....bila kita nak pergi makan dunkin donut.......

  4. I dont the verb part

  5. You don't get the verb part?.what do u learn at school for english?!!