Monday, March 17, 2014

Alamanda Foodcourt: crazy selection of food~

Me with my crispy poppia. And sis and daughter.

Fun times in an Alamanda foodcourt on a work day with my family members--the ones who stay home and lepak all day watching sinetron (the Indonesian dramas). My mother, may Allah reward her for bringing 6 healthy boisterous people into this world, had a stroke 3 years ago and once in a while we'd take her out on a shopping spree. Please remember to include her in your prayers. May Allah make her well again. May Allah shower her with His love and guidance. What am I without my mother? Unborn.

Mak and her nasi campur.

Begin review:

My mother, my maid and Iman, my step-daughter, had food from the Nasi Campur stall--the very first stall on your right as you enter the foodcourt. There's a nice selection of lauk there priced unbelievably, let me emphasize CHEAP. I am not sure if the dude at the counter is new, or my smile was sparkling white that day but my mother's dish had about 6 lauk on it and he charged me RM7.50. My step-daughter had her telur masin what-not what-not and that was RM4.50 only. And my maid had some kuah and veggies and that was RM3. 

I was shocked suspenseless. Can Nasi Campur Putrajaya be cheaper than Nasi Campur Bangi? Is Bangi really the metropolitan it claims to be? Watch TV3 to find out.

Jah and her yee mee.
My sister Jah had what we usually order when we eat at Alamanda: sizzling-black-mushroom-chicken-yee-mee. That's the stall with the longest line and cheapest entrees (or so I thought before I came across Nasi Campur.) Possibly the best yee mee in the whole of Putrajaya too. I can recommend a nice Yee Mee place in Bangi, but I will save that for another entry. Please stay put until I do.

Side note: I do not recommend Sizzling Yee Mee to pregnant moms and unhealthy people though. I suspect there is a considerable amount of MSG in Yee Mee that only very healthy young people are able to digest. High dosage of MSG's may cause heart palpitations or nauseousness. Those shitake mushrooms don't help either: they have a really strong flavour and leave you with petai breath. 

Armand with his bento box

My son loves the Teppanyaki Salmon to pieces. I do's the brown sauce, which is probably made from salted soy sauce, honey and few hundred sploshes of Aji-No-Moto. What I do not love is the price. For RM18 you might as well eat at a posh Japanese restaurant with your feet in the air than a noisy food court with plastic tables. Armand doesn't even eat the beancurd soup or salad that comes with it, so if I order, I would return the soup and salad and ask to replace it with extra rice and more salmon. Smart as a Japanese, aren't I? Except if the Japanese was really really smart, they'd make a better version of the beancurd soup.

Siti with her coconut drink
My maid had the nasi campur, but her nasi campur only had kuah on it so a picture of her with that would look like we are depriving her of lauk which may end up on youtube under maid abuse. So we thought we'd take a picture of her with the coconut instead and she willingly agreed because she's on a roll to get fit. The coconut at the drink counter costs only RM4.50 and is fresh and good for you. Its probably the only dish in the entire foodcourt that is  not splurged with MSG. And with a model like that <-- who can resist? 

As for me, I had the crispy poppia with crabstick --shown in picture at top. I don't know why I bought it, I make better poppia at home, but I seem to get rambang mata at the Alamanda foodcourt everytime and don't know what to order. In the end I always end up eating a little off everybody's dish (read: finishing my mom's leftovers) and ordering the cheapest item available: i.e., crispy poppia. Besides, the guy at the Poppia Crispy stall intrigues me. He's like the only second person in the world who looks really unhappy to see me. The first is the chinese dude in Warta who is always telling me to keep my watches away from my mobile phone like I shouldn't give him business.

Iman with her nasi campur
I hope you enjoyed my review. Next time you are in Alamanda, skip all the restaurants and head straight to Auntie Anne's. The pretzels there are crazy awesome. 

Alamanda Foodcourt

Cleanliness: B
Food: B
Price: B
Satisfaction Level: B
Service: B
Atmosphere: B

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