Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Satay Kajang Haji Samuri (progress! we need progress~~!)

Note: This is a re-post and re-edit from an older entry which is no longer available for your viewing pleasure.

The Glory days. Newspaper cutting from 2001. The one and only wall deco.

Like all mysterious things in life, Satay Kajang baffles me. They know how to make good satay. They have the recipe for the best kuah satay ever, but they have one of the most mediocre restaurants in downtown Bangi.

When all other restaurants have moved forward with air-conditioned spaces, leather chairs and variety in their menus, Satay Kajang remains static like ancient civilization with no electricity and running water. The little Satay Kajang restaurant in Seksyen 1 is dismal and poorly. Is the competition too sengit? because the business looks like its dying. At least the Bangi outlet. (The Kajang outlet was still bustling last time I visited. Kajang people must be seriously loyal to Satay Hj Samuri).

Satay ayam and satay perut. I don't eat perut but the satay ayam is B+!!
Satay Ikan. 80 sen secucuk. Will definitely come again for this. Very good! B+!

Your satay choices. We had satay ayam,
satay perut and 2 cucuk of satay ikan (for me)
I had bandung laici. Was being difficult as usual :)
It wasn't bad..

Anyway, me and hubs were there last night for some satay and quiet conversation. Actually we spoke in our normal voices which is around 30 dB, but since there weren't plenty of customers about it felt like we were on a date. They still have their old heavy-duty TV hung on the ceiling with the reception tuned to TV3. And they still have their old menu plastered on the wall with some items taped over. I wish they called in an interior designer to redo the place. A fresh coat of paint and new floor, some flowers and comfortable chairs would be just great. And move the TV to the kitchen please--it's just too noisy. And who watches TV3 anyway.

I am sorry Satay Kajang, we love your satay but your restaurant could be better.

Tapau aje ler...makan kat rumah lagi best :)

The satay king himself~

Satay Kajang Haji Samuri, 
BBB Seksyen 1 (two outlets depan Shell)

Cleanliness: B
Food: B++ (best kuah satay ever)
Price: ~RM15 per pax (10 cucuk satays with drinks, Thanks Abang!)
Satisfaction level: B
Service: B (have to wait a bit for the satay to cook)
Atmosphere: C (quite a dismal crowd for some reason)


  1. Have you tried sate at bandar tun razak food court ? Named sate pak arab the kuah sate is amazing

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