Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kyros kebab :: go for lamb kebab!

The epitome's of kebab. Kyros Lamb Kebab. Not so good looking on the outside,
but very good-tasting on the inside. Please, do grab one now.

There's a little Kyros Kebab restaurant in Warta Bangi thats been there since time memorial but I've never even blinked at them --how haughty taughty of me (slap self). I guess the idea of kebab did not appeal, although I had kebabs nearly every other weekend back when I was studying in the UK. Tapi bak kata orang-orang bijak pandai kalau dah ada jodoh tu takkan ke mana. Tak pandang pun lama-lama boleh jatuh cinta (google translate on left). Nowadays I am an avid Kyros kebab fan. The lamb kebab.

The first time I had Kyros is quite a story. My husband probably doesn't even know he contributed to the meeting, even though he was the one who set us up. It was love at first bite~


We were on the way to Genting, and the car died on the way up the mountain, as normal love stories go. A kind Samaritan stopped to help us and by the time we reach the top, it was getting dark. We  had driven round looking for a carshop. My husband parked the car near a row of shops and left us to get some supplies while we waited for him in the car.

Something emerged from the forest and stumbled past our car. Relax, it was just a dog. With three kids in the car though, the excitement and commotion was like watching an elephant pass by in a drive-through safari. The dog was really skinny, and looked starved and half-dead. We took pity on it and searched around in the car for food. We found the kyros kebab hubs had bought before we left Bangi, and flung it at the dog. Before I did though, we all took a small bite each of the kebab.

Pause remote:

The kebab was superb. 

Continue story:

So superb the kids began fighting over it and I nearly changed my mind about giving it to the dog. But in a matter of seconds it was flying out the window anyway, and the dog gobbled it up and wobbled off. Hubs returned safe sound and unscratched and I apologized for his lost kebab and promised to get him another. He nearly strangled me in the car and threw me off the cliff--actually no, that was an ending to another movie. Just to fast forward a bit, while hubs was immersed in watching a really boring movie recently, I went out to Warta and bought him the replacement kebab. Promise fulfilled--although it was 9 months later. I hope you realized you were eating a kebab that day Abang.

Ida with black pepper spaghetti. A!
Miza with rootbeer float. A!

Present Day:

Last week me and [Assoc Prof] Miza went to Streetmall for a late lunch after another long meeting discussing the future of the younger generation (the ones who are currently stuck in FOE) and how we can get them to do the AES evaluation online without tying them to their chairs. There is a Kyros Kebab restaurant at the streetmall and remembering the one lingering bite so long ago at Genting, I suggested we get the lamb kebab to Miza.

She loved it, as did I (flashback: Genting episode). And Miza liked it so much that she stopped to get one for her husband too the next day, who said it tasted better than a Subway sandwich. I agree. Subway seems to taste the same nowadays regardless of the different fillings; it's like drinking different brands of mineral water. But if Subway was Air Mineral Petronas, Kyros Lamb kebab would be Evian.

Black pepper spaghetti. A!
Current promotion at Kyros Kebab @ Street Mall Cyberjaya. Make it a lamb kebab night!

Anyway, the pictures you see here was visit number 3 this month with Ida tagging along. Ida said the black pepper spaghetti is good too. Me and Miza remained faithful to our lamb kebab, we were women on a lamb kebab mission that day. It was as awesome as expected and as filling as a plateful of rice with 3 sides and an extra dash of tempoyak/sambal belacan/budu (insert favourite condiment here). The shredded lamb gives you an extra boost of energy to patiently finish off that thesis which reads suspiciously like its been copied off Wikipedia. And the bread was warm and crunchy enough to make you feel all optimistic for another semester of marking scrawling assignments, quizzes, lab reports and exam papers. Thank you Kyros for the awesome lamb kebab. Alhamdulillah.

Lamb kebab --> recommended!!

Kyros Kebab
Warta Bangi or Streetmall Cyberjaya

Cleanliness: A
Food: A
Price: Appropriate
Satisfaction level: A
Service: B++ 
Atmosphere: B++


  1. Kebabs....hmmm.....memang best.
    I have always had this personal attachment to kebabs. I believe it all started during my undergrad years. I was staying in Redfern, Sydney....and there was this Lebanese restaurant. And wallahi, they served the best kebab....period!! They had the chicken cut in cubes, grilled to perfection, humous & tabouleh...and finally, this awesome awesome garlic sauce!! (It was so good that I totally ignored the belly dancing performance that they had there....hahahhaa). It was there that I was hooked on kebab. Sadly, I couldn't find any lebanese restaurant that offers the same garlic sauce, be it in Sydney nor anywhere else.

    Point is...if u love kyros, you'd definitely wouldn't wanna leave redfern once u have tasted the same kebab that I had...haha.

  2. u told me before. u said u would take me there one day i wanna check out the belly dancing!!!