Monday, March 10, 2014

Secret Recipe Shaftsbury: New Menu~

Don't we look like sisters? We probably share a grandma somewhere back up the line.

It's always fun going out with Ning. I did a review with her last on Penang House and if you recall, it's now my turn to pay for lunch. Today we decided to go to Shaftsbury's in Cyberjaya to check out the restaurants there. Shaftsbury's Square is the new row of shops right up the street from MSC.

Ask for the brownie to be heated. And ask for WALNUT Brownie.
Simply awesome. A!

Ningy--a.k.a Dr Guo to people under 25 and living on MMU campus---is from China and all we talked about that day was the MH370 crash. It was quite therapeutic because you know how women need to get 21,000 words off her chest to feel good again? (this theory remains to be proven though). Well, I think I managed to finish my word quota that day with Ningy, because I fiercely stared at my Master's student who dropped by my office unexpectedly that afternoon until he scurried off in fright. Sorry.

Anyway, we finally ended up at Secret Recipe and you know I've done reviews of Secret Recipe before. It isn't that Secret Recipe is my favourite favourite place at Cyberjaya, no no, that would be Tokio still, but the brownies and ice-cream have this magnetic pull I can't resist especially in light of current incidents: the missing MAS flight, the haze, the draught and the denggi outbreaks, na'uzubillah. Money can't buy you a feel-better pill (actually it can) but chocolate cake and ice-cream is safer and halal.

Ningy ordered beef steak (RM22.50) and I had the fish and chips because it was a new hotter version of Fish and Chips, check it out; Spicy Fish and Chips (RM18.50). I loved it and Ningy's black pepper sauce which flooded her beef was good too, although she said the beef was a bit tough. I noticed something else too-- Secret Recipe had a whole new menu book with...*drumroll* PIZZA! I tried ordering and they said the store is still new so no pizza on serve-- bummer! If I was 22 I would have stomped off to Pizza Hut which is just next door. Now that I am a wiser, I just gave an annoyed smile.

Close up of heaven.
Pizza is now on the menu!!
Spicy fish and chips! Fresh and crunchy. B++!
Fresh and tough and good sauce! B+!

Apart from the extra-terrestrial prices (especially cake) plus tax charges that make you feel like voting for the opposition party, I still think Secret Recipe is a nice place to lepak-lepak and hang out with friends and family. The new branch in Shaftsbury's is still new enough to have fluffy sofa's and there's a new selection of food, cakes and drinks since last time I visited them--which was back in December 2013 with a RM254 ringgit bill that had left me quite traumatized. Until this day.

Lunch set includes lemon tea that tasted plastic.
Get water instead.
Secret Recipe
Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya

Cleanliness: A -- new place, sofa still plump and comfortable.
Food: B+
Price: B -- I hate the taxes they have at this place.
Satisfaction Level: A
Service: A
Atmosphere: A

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