Sunday, March 9, 2014

Victoria Station in Kuala Lumpur

Check out our non-smoking cabin. 

We're at Victoria Station having dinner after what I think is a very productive Sunday (did the groceries and everything). And I am blogging on location. My husband is busy with the camera as usual and the waiter has taken our order.

Victoria Station is on Jalan Ampang near the Chinese Embassy. Its an isolated building (not in a mall..yayy~). In the car, hubs had given me a choice: "My darling darling wife, shall we eat at Victoria Station or Madame Kwan's?" My reply: "Victoria Station please, I've already done a review on Madame Kwan's". He hits the gas pedal, does his crazy James Bond turns and we were parked behind Victoria Station in less than 5 minutes. I am telling you, his Waja is growing on me. It's got a good grip on the road too when hubs does his emergency brakes which is at least 5 times per trip--and that's from the house to the nearest G-mart store. 

But anyway. This ain't no proton review or of hubs driving skills. We are having dinner in a static train coach: at the best seat in the house! Although I must say, I have been on the tubes at Victoria Station in London and the coaches are nothing like this. This is more like the inside of a pirate ship with curtains from your grandma's recycled baju kurung. Regardless, the setting is comfortable and different and it's not everyday you eat steak in an unmoving cabin. All other restaurants I've been to serve food in a room.

Our food has arrived--very fast. We had both ordered steak. I went for Colonial steak--the most cheapest item on the menu at RM35.90. Actually, second cheapest. The cheapest is Minute steak which is a ringgit less and probably would have arrived earlier. Mazlan ordered T-bone steak at RM65.90. Wife is feeling generous and she told him to go for it. Actually, wife nearly forced him at steak-knife point for the priviledge of paying. Lucky wife.

check out the buns! Yep, we get free buns and butter while we wait for order
to arrive. They've clinched it! A++
Colonial Steak. Mine. B
T-bone steak. Cooked medium well perfectly. B+!

The steaks are good. Chew. Chew. Mmm~~!...Done medium well and quite luxurious. This cow has had much oxygen from the fresh mountains of New Zealand. Lucky cow. If you'd notice, I rarely order red meat because---as the Brits would put it---it's not my cuppa, but the full page introductory section in the giant menu has sucked me right in. Apparently, the Victorian Stationers started off as butlers for the Brits. They mastered how the Brits got their steaks done, improvised on the technique, quit work as butlers and started their own steak business. Suddenly butlerless, the Brits now needed to get new help, and having lost their focus, got ushered out of Malaysia in the process. Merdeka!

Just in case I told it wrong. Here it is.
[Click to read].

For convenience in parking, good food, fast service, free buns and and an unusual dinner setting, head to Victoria Station. Remember it is not a train station nor a bus station. It is a food station. I must say a special thank you to my husband for his kind company. It must be awful having dinner with wife while she blogs after every mouthful. Will try to chat animatedly with you in car on way home instead of holding tightly to door handle Yang.

This is the entrance.

Victoria Station, 
Kuala Lumpur

Cleanliness: A
Food: B
Price: Expensive. RM135 for us both.
Satisfaction Level: B+
Service: A++ superb. I thought they might know I blogged on food or something.
Atmosphere: A --loved the coach setting. Very adventurous.

May Allah help the victims and families of MH370 during this testing period. Only He is capable of all things.. Ameen...

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