Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tappers Cafe On the Block: Lunch selection a must try~

And the best honey lemon tea award goes to...

I had lunch with my sister Jah at Tapper's the other day, and I thought the place is definitely worth a review. They have a cool selection of lunch dishes around ~RM12 that comes complete with Honey Lemon Tea that is the best lemon tea I have had in my entire life (I am bolding and underlining it and including pictures of me drinking it for extra emphasis). Tappers is this feminine-looking white-wash restaurant at Shaftsbury Square (my new favourite place). It's in the same block as Pizza Hut and Secret Recipe. The place even has it's lights on in the afternoon so you can spot it through the haze. You can't miss it.

Tappers. Front entrance.

The manager came over as we sat down and took our orders himself. He recommended the chicken parmigiana, and I asked my fries to be replaced with potatoes and vegetables. Jah ordered the fish and chips. 

Here's the verdict:

The chicken parmigiana was delicious. It was topped with cheese transforming it unwillingly into a chicken pizza in my book and you know how much I love cheese (it keeps me in my current shape). The potatoes and carrots were sweet and yummylicious. Jah thought the veggies were mediocre, but that's because she didn't grow up eating carrots and potatoes everyday like I did. My parents had jobs when she was born. And the Beatles had disbanded. 

The fish and chips were OK. It was talapia, fried in batter and smelt slightly fishy-- so Jah squeezed lemon all over it making it soggy. I miss the fish and chippies drenched in vinegar we used to get back in the UK. I have yet to find a restaurant that serves incredible fish and chips. If you know of a place in mind, please ping me asap. It has to have vinegar with the fish or it wouldn't qualify.

Chicken parmigiana. I ordered mine with potatoes instead of fries.
Fish (tilapia) and chips. Very good! B!

There were other items on the menu that look really good too, which I am definitely planning to try on my next visit. I just hope I won't order the chicken parmigiana again because then this food review is going nowhere. And we all want to get on with the next episode.

One other important observation: our orders arrived really fast --almost as if it was just waiting for me to say the magic word to be delivered. The place was packed at lunch hour so I had expected at least a 15 minute wait. Service was definitely first class with the manager taking our orders and everything. And I did notice a Jalan Jalan Cari Makan plaque on the door! TV3 had beat me to it~! Again! I need my own TV channel.

Here's our bill. RM30 bill is not bad at all for the food, service and comfort.
I had a RM60 bill the day before at Secret Recipe next door. That's two trips
to Tappers right there!

Will definitely be back tapping at Tapper's door (for the free meal). Someone stop me from ordering the chicken parmigiana again, please!

Tappers Cafe on the Block
Shafstbury Square, Cyberjaya

Cleanliness: A
Food: B+
Price: A -- lunch sets come with choice of drink, appropriately priced.
Satisfaction Level: A (thank you to the manager for the recommendation and warm service)
Service: A -- food arrived super fast!
Atmosphere: A -- good crowd

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  1. Oh my, your jah's sister! can't believe it. I found this blog by chance. I was doing some research on kebab and I found your blog. ^_^