Saturday, February 1, 2014

Citrus BV2: Wicked Food!

With one of my wicked sister.  Does she look familiar? 

This was a weekend brunch with my Wicked Sisters, kak Shan and Kak Sarr. So called because we went to see Wicked together a lifetime ago in Singapore. That, and because we really are wicked. Sometimes.

Starter: grapefruit salad. OMG. A+

Hawaian Burger. The pattie is home-made, not Ramlee ok... A++
Pancakes with mascarpone cheese, maple syrup and strawberry and mango. Definitely wicked!!

Mutton briyani with cucumber raita, curry and veggies. Excellent!
Spaghetti with meatballs. Chicken!
Desert was the reddest Velvetest cake. A++

Citrus is this really down-to-earth restaurant in Bangsar Village. It was CNY weekend and the mall crowd was sparse. I wouldn't have given the place a second thought if it was just me finding a place to eat that day in Bangsar. Well, I might have admired the flowers but that would be it.

Kak Sarr's baby with her Seafood pasta. A++
Therefore, I wasn't expecting much from Citrus, even though I was impressed at the menu selection. They had pancakes--which I love but really  hard to come across unless I go to Paddington's, enormous burgers, different kinds of spaghetti and briyani (really?) at the same time. Talk about 1Malaysia. I am baffled by the restaurant name though. It doesn't reflect the menu at all. I was expecting Orange Duck Kang Pao,  or Pineapple upside-down cake or General Tao's Lemon Chicken. Something like that anyway.

So I am happy to say that the place is Awesome and the food was Delicious (notice the capital A and D). It was extra awesome because I didn't have to pay for it (that's the best thing about going out with my Wicked Sisters, they treat me like I am the baby sister that I am. And spoil me rotten :).

By the way, there's an awesome gym too in Bangsar Village that accepts children while you sweat yourself skinny. Which is essential if you want to eat at Citrus often. Wicked!

This is a Maxis VIP recommended restaurant! Go!

Bangsa Village 2 (second floor, Borders side)

Cleanliness: A
Food: A
Price: Moderately expensive (thanks much Kak Sarr!!)
Satisfaction Level: AA
Service: A
Atmosphere: A