Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gobo Chit Chat: Delightfully Special..

Gabo Chit Chat's favourite customers :)

This is blogged on location as I wait for hubs to come back to the table with his 5th plate of food. Gobo Chit Chat is one of those places that calls for a write-up immediately. Let me just say that it's just us two this time-- and we are out on a date to rejunvenate our love (ha ha ha). We had just spent the entire afternoon at AEON Seri Kembangan trying out the massive body-crushing massage chairs at what felt like a free day at the spa and then we headed straight for Gobo Chit Chat at Traders Hotel.

Mazlan had come here once for his best friends' stag night a few weeks back and now he wants me to check out the place and let myself go, i.e., let myself go before we actually grind ourselves on the OTO Ab Cruncher we bought at AEON to flatten our tummies (yep, we didnt try out those massage chairs for nothing). We actually went outside of hearing range and discussed buying a RM6k massage chair we don't need. I don't know what posessed us, but alhamdulillah for common sense and limited amounts of money.

The surau was comfortable, clean and classy. I am impressed. 
Prayer rooms are always located at back spaces and car parks, even in big hotels. 
Here, they have got it right. Two thumbs wiggling up.

Now Mazlan is busy taking pictures of me while I am submerged on my phone typing this. He wants me to get off my chair and go solat maghrib with him before we start round 2 (we've been here since 6:30 p.m stuffing ourselves slowly but surely). Honestly, I am so full I can hardly get off my chair. But never mind, I will get up now.

Round 2:

We are back for round 2 and on the way back, in the silence of the elevator my husband said he can hear my dress popping at the seams. To be honest, I think I can too. Now, as he slurps on his Lai Chee Kang, let me ignore him and brief you on the place and food.

Gobo Chit Chat is a restaurant on the fifth floor of Traders Hotel, just opposite of KLCC. In fact, when we looked out the window of the 31st floor (a.k.a the skybar), we had an awesome view of KLCC. So awesome was the view all seats by the windows were taken. As you can see in the pictures below.

Seat (and guy) taken!
31st floor of Traders hotel. Sunday evening.

Menu includes oysters--really fresh ones-- salmon, all other kinds of expensive seafood, duck, chicken, beef, lamb and all other types of protien. International cuisine includes Japanese (sushi, tempura etc), Italian (pasta, pizza, salad etc), French (fromage etc), British (beef pie, lamb stew, mash potatoes, soup etc),  and Chinese (sesame chicken wings, dim sum, duck burger, crab roll etc). Local Malaysian cuisine on the other hand is pretty much all the usual good stuff. The fried snapper with the chili & tomato condiment was spectacular. I have never tasted a Malaysian dish so beautiful.  Indian food I see not, but perhaps they've reserved that for another night. Desert is so awesome it makes me sad. I wish my kids were here, they would go crazy over the chocolate fountain.

The sushi chefs smiling for the camera. The staff was nice and waited on us hand and foot.
Sushi and salmon up for grabs..
Desert station is heavenly. A++
Sesame chicken wings. Bravo!
Lemony fish. A++
Prawns. I didn't try
Lima beans in tomato sauce. omg.
Potatoes. Delicious
Roast duck on bread with spring crab rolls. A++
Mazlan's first dish

His second
And his 3rd.
This is mine.

My favourite dishes are the Japanese tempura's, the red snapper with its condiment, and the bread, butter and cheese. Mazlan's are the oysters and salmon. And he eats them rare; we might as well just set table at the wet market. Now he's asking me if there are any side effects if people eat too much salmon. I am tempted to say fat but that will make him go on another diet frenzy and I am still waiting for the current one to end.

In a nutshell, Gobo Chit Chat is as delightful as its name. When I asked Mazlan the one word he would use to describe this place, he said "COMPLETE", but he was looking deeply in my eyes when he said it so I think he has completely lost the plot. Its also possible the two plateful of oysters he just had has muddled his brain. No kidding, but Go Bo Chit Chat is not making profit with Mazlan in the house.

This is a Sheemz recommended restaurant! Go!
The food was so good, even the water tastes as if it is exquisitely filtered from the fresh skies of the Alps. Served in clear glasses with fake bubbles, it looks like its worth RM118 all by itself.  Dinner ends with complimentary coffee or lemon tea on the house, refillable too. But I was too full to even finish my one cup of coffee.

And finally, the important stuff. The price per meal is RM118 net per pax but it will go back to being RM80++ per pax after Valentines day. But, if you ate 2 platefuls of oysters and 4 of salmon like Mazlan did, you've probably just saved RM200 already. And of course, taking your wife out to a special place once in a while can save you thousands in therapy and medication. Keep her happy, and you will be too, that's what a wise woman once said, although they have yet to identify her.

My gratefulness to my Creator for allowing such a fun night out with my husband. His Kindness and Generosity knows no boundaries.

Gobo Chit Chat
5th Floor, Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Cleanliness: A
Food: A
Price: RM118 per person (thanks abang, May Allah open doors to your rezeki, ameen)
Service: A++
Satisfaction Level: A

p/s We're looking for 4 dining partners to go back with us to Gobo Chit Chat this month at only RM100 per pax. Msg me if interested~

A wonderful dining experience! Recommended!


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  2. I am still so so full...even 24 hours later. mashaAllah....!
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