Thursday, November 10, 2011

Saba' (lamb is legen --wait for it-- dary..!)

Food that can break your diet vow anytime.
Last night, Ning and I, amidst tons of work still yet to be done, went out for a quick dinner at Saba'. Saba' is way up there in a class of its own. Saba' is the epitome of good wholesome food. It fulfills all three criterias for dining out: (i) substantial amount of really (ii) delicious food, at a (iii) reasonable price. Top that up with really fast service and you'll find that it's really hard to get a table at Saba'--most times.  

Usually, (in fact, everytime we eat there) we'd order the lamb Kabsah. This time however, we were feeling adventurous and gambled on the lamb Hanith. It did taste just as good, except that there were more boney ribs than meat with the lamb Hanith. We practically fought each other over the ribs, in a feminine civil manner that did not call for attention. Thank goodness for education and excellent up-bringing. 

Mutabbal and salad in the background.
Mutabbal is crushed eggplant topped with olive oil. It tastes and looks a bit like humus, but has a slightly different texture and tasted less salty. It actually does not taste that good to me, but it used to be comfort food while I slaved away on my PhD. So my palate says urghh~~ but my brain says awesome~~~.. weird huh..and of course my brain wins, since its so rational.
Adani tea. Thats mint tea to you and me.

Ning ordered the mint adani tea as well. She spoiled it with sweetened condensed milk. The Arabs would have groaned in despair. Ning. 

Great place for lunch and dinner anytime with friends and family. Well-lit up. Upright chairs. People laughing till they choke, left and right. Loud TV. You get the idea. 

Cleanliness: B/C (restroom and sink could do with a wash)
Food: A-/B+ (the lamb is legendary)
Price: ~RM25 per pax (including appetizers excluding drinks)
Satisfaction Level:  A 
Service: B+ (short wait)
Atmosphere: B (hustle and bustle)


  1. keep writing shima..

  2. hah..finally its about saba'..remember what ir zul told us about can reduce cholesterol level babe..=p

  3. miza..where to next? shall we go somewhere special for nadia's birthday?!