Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Penang House @ Street Mall Cyberjaya: good good cheap cheap

Curry Mee and Beef Noodle Soup. A!

As I sit in my office waiting for my academic advisees to show up, I sit staring at these pictures -- trying to remember how good it tasted. These were from the last 3 weeks, when I went out with Ningy for lunch at the Street Mall, and I was about 10 lbs lighter. Since then I have put on more muscle from various activities. Weddings mostly.

The whole meal costs us about RM20++ (including my soursop drink) which was not bad at all, and the food was very satisfactory. Ningy ---God bless her kind and generous heart ---paid for the meal. We were supposed to go out again soon, on me this time, but have yet to do so. I hope she doesn't think I am dodging her on purpose. I have been terribly busy lately doing the SAR report for the next EAC visit and have been eating off the Hot and Roll stall for days now (read: chicken cheese paratha and crunchy peanut butter roll). Hmm, will text her now before she starves her Marimo pet on purpose out of frustration. Ningy is camera-shy Mondays to Fridays, so there's no pictures of her here, but if you look to the left, you can see what she looks like on a good Friday night, 3 years ago.

Penang House
Street Mall, Cyberjaya

Cleanliness: B+
Food: A
Price: B+ acceptably cheap
Satisfaction Level: A
Service: A (waiter was nice)
Atmosphere: A -- I love the Street Mall on Tuesdays and Fridays when they have the local bazaar. So cool..

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