Monday, January 20, 2014

Umai Cafe: my Putrajaya's favourite hangout

Qayyum under water umbrella 

I can't count the number of times we have eaten here, and I have taken so many pictures of perhaps nearly all the food (though goodness knows where I've put them), but these are the only ones that made it into this entry.

Umai Cafe is situated by a lake, between Masjid Besi and Masjid Putrajaya, right on my cycling route (nearer to masjid Besi). On this particular day, I had wanted to take the kids to the pool, which is right round the corner, and we stopped by Umai's for lunch, because I couldn't be bothered to cook. We had a big wedding to attend to that night (Uncle Amar's) and I still had chores to do: Armand's glasses, Q's shoes, my shoes etc etc etc.

Top 5 reasons why Umai rocks:

begin drumroll..

Ok. The lake is behind me. But the shot is overexposed~

1. Location: the restaurant is situated right by the lake and the view of the lake and cool breeze is just so calming. The waiters and waitresses can be a bit slow to take your order and serve you (there's too few of them), but looking at the lake will give you that extra boost of patience and make you fake that smile sincerely.

2. There's a pool round the corner: which is public and free and like a miniature version of Sunway Lagoon. And no one seems to know about it so its relatively empty most of the time. The best thing about it is, I don't have to pack swimming clothes; the kids just jump in with whatever they got on and go crazy. Then I have to drag them out of the pool two hours later kicking and screaming and complain to my husband they're uncontrollable. Then he makes me laugh with a stupid joke and everything's okay. Until the next episode.

Nasi goreng USA
Telur bistik. 

3. The food is good and sensibly priced (read: CHEAP): our favourites are lempeng with sambal, cokodok pisang, and roti jala. I am highlighting them because I never ever get a chance to take pictures of them before they're wiped off the plate. Same thing again on this excursion. I've put in a small picture of the cokodok pisang that's zoomed in from a bigger picture that didn't work. It looks like plain Jane but tastes like Angelina Jolie.

Kodok pisang. A++

My faithful PA!! :)

4. Masjid Besi is just a few metres walk down the path, and near prayer times, the mosque will play the Qur'an on its speakers which echoes beautifully across the lake. It is just awesome, and then of course, you can drop by and do your solat in the most inspirational mosque ever. I have done a review of the mosque here. I simply love this mosque.

5. It's on a cool bike route: take your bike with you, follow the path and you'll do 9 km around the lake and lose at least 200 calories in one go (that's roughly about 5 mm off your waist, and 10 rounds will drop them pants). Then order the apple asam boi afterwards at Umai's. I would go again today, except I fell off my bike two days ago, cut myself in 3 places, messed up my knuckles, dislocated my collarbone and have a big blue bruise on my right thigh which looks like a blown-up picture of the Milky Way by NASA. I think today I will go home early and watch Arianna Rose with my PA.

And finally, a kind word of advice to Umai: I know you fried the last batch of cokodok pisang in leftover fish oil. Good thing it still tasted good. 

Umai Cafe
Precint 2, Putrajaya

Cleanliness: B+  
Price: A+ cheap
Satisfaction Level: B++
Service: B 
Atmosphere: A++++

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