Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Red Wok :: One of Bangi's best family restaurants

The guests of honor

It takes me on average 4 hours to write a post. Today, I am going to write one in a half hour because I need to get ready for work at 8:30 am. This was my brother's birthday celebration in Red Wok on the 17th of May 2013. Yep; approx 5 months ago. Today, he has another addition to his family: the cutest baby boy coming in at 3.8 kilos. Yesterday he announced the baby's name: Zafran. So this post is dedicated for Zafran from his awesomest Auntie Cho.

Red Wok is the only restaurant in the whole of Bangi where we can get the entire family together, including my father, for some unknown reason. Other places, we usually just tapau and eat at home; or we go eat on location, but separately. But for Red Wok we just text each other: it's Zahir's birthday today. Red Wok? And the whole clan goes: OK. Including Ayah. Miraculous.

Here's why you should pay a visit to Red Wok if you haven't already. Although I must remind you, the theme is Chinese food, so if your favourite foods are nasi kandars and curries and tosei sardin, you're sitting at the other end of the spectrum my friend and Red Wok's might not thrill you that much.

Begin drum-roll:

Sizzling tauhu A++

Soft shelled crab. A+++++

Kerabu mangga A++ + healthy

1. Location: Red Wok sits in its own building in the middle of Bangi. You park around it. There's no stairs, so its handicap friendly. My mom uses a wheelchair so its very easy for us to take her.

Garlic brocolli A+

Kerapu masak halia A+++

Not on menu. But still A++++++++++

Lemon chicken. A++++

2. Food selection are great for big families. You order rice (nasi goreng seafood is the best), and all the side dishes (lauk) you would like to come with it. And they all come in big servings. And the drinks come in jugs. Awesome.

3. The orders come in fast. I don't know how they do it, but it really is fast, considering the amount of people eating there. I had suspected they cook in bulk and just serve it to whoever orders, but the food arrives hot and does not look/taste heated. And I am very good at identifying pre-heated food. I took a course on it for 4 years in college until my microwave broke down.

Top Red Wok fans

Iman and Armand

4. Its cheap! The bill never cease to amaze me. Dinner came to around RM280. Considering there were X of us--I can't be bothered to count now: ermm, mak ayah jah izzat hir ummu izz izzah shima mazlan armand iman qayyum, half of which have BMI's above average, and considering we ordered a lot of dishes that night (to make up for the cake Zahir didn't want), RM200++ wasn't bad at all. Me and Mazlan spend more than RM100++ when we have Sushi King alone. You Japanese should be ashamed of yourselves!!

So my times nearly up. And hopefully, I've helped you decide where to go on your next family birthday eat-out. Please remember to call them up and reserve a table because seriously, most times the place is packed like a good karipap. 

And last but not least, a family that eats together sticks together. That's what my mom always used to say, back in the days when my sisters were all skinny. 

I love Red Wok! --Izzah

Red Wok
Bandar Baru Bangi

Cleanliness: B+
Food: A 
Price: A++ 
Satisfaction Level: A+ 
Service: B++ 
Atmosphere: A -- so many people. I like!

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