Monday, December 19, 2011

Red Wok 2 (it's all about family)

Celebrating for my youngest sister's birthday who is now sweet and sour XX years old. The last year before she finally hits 20 and becomes an elegant, polite, sophisticated young woman, ever helpful and ever loving to her eldest sister.

Lemon chicken. YES
Seafood fried rice. Definite YES!
Sweet and Sour Prawns. YES.
Asparagus belacan. NO.
Kailan Ikan masin...yesss..

Jah and Izzat. YES to both :P
Iz. YES.

And Armand?
Let me just say, before I delve into the details of Red Wok (again), my 10 year-old son dislikes Red Wok immensely and will probably leave rude comments for this post. Everytime we go, he pulls a bored face and refuses to eat. There can be two possible explanations: (i) he hates chinese food. (check!) And (ii) Red Wok food has complicated ingredients in it making it unsuitable for kids below puberty. The second line of reasoning will need some research for verification, but I did notice some other kids also pulling long faces while their parents stuffed themselves heartily. In any case, Armand has agreed to forfeit the next Red Wok trip. He will stay home and lipat kain.

So right after work, we picked Ocu up from KUIS in Bandar Seri Putra, and drove straight back to Red Wok in Bangi where my mom and the rest of the family were hungirily waiting. My mom, being the guest of honor for giving birth to the birthday girl, cut the cake for us, and Jah presented Ocu with the present we all chipped in for: a new Swatch watch so that she will never be late for class again for at least the next 2 years.

Ocu. Big girl now. Kena score. Takleh
main k-pop jer.
All in all, everything was great. The kerabu, the lemon chicken and the soft-shelled crabs were the best dishes. The asparagus belacan and ginger chicken were not so popular with my family it seems. Izz  (the baby) couldn't get enough of the seafood fried rice and Izzat had 3 mugs of chinese tea to maintain his health. Am just saying.

The bill came out to be RM180++. As usual, less than we anticipated. No wonder Ocu's favourite ustaz came all the way from Bandar Seri Putra for dinner. We bumped into him at the counter when paying. He must have known Ocu was celebrating her birthday at Red Wok today and stalked her unconventionally. My mother would be thrilled. Finally, an Imam Muda in the family...

Happy birthday Ocu...! We love you lots..:))

Red Wok first review here.

Red Wok, 
Seksyen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi

Cleanliness: B
Food: A- (delicious and fresh)
Price: ~RM20 per pax (including drinks)
Satisfaction Level: A-
Service: A- (friendly waiters, very short wait)
Atmosphere: B (bit noisy, lots of customers, open-air restaurant, can be quite warm unless it rains)
Note: handicap friendly

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  1. Ayah suh tapau dia balik kampung..!!

  2. you probely now who i amDecember 23, 2011 at 12:00 AM

    this is what i want to say about red wok

  3. teruja betul nak pi red wok tgk gambar2 mknn ni.. btw, happy belated birthday to 'Ocu'!