Friday, December 2, 2011

Manhattan Fish Market (for that fishy feeling...)

Nings. Baked fish with chips.
I am at my hairdressers on a Friday night..can you believe it? I cannot find the time to go during office hours. So, as the pretty hairdresser blows my wild hair, I am busily typing this in on my smartphone; the latest lunch escapade we had today. Manhattan Fish Market at Alamanda Putrajaya.

I remember missing breakfast this morning because of a 9 am meeting. So by the time we went off for lunch, I was a hungarian on a roll with all problems/chores/responsibilities on hold and phone on vibrate.

I ordered the starter suggested by the waitress: fried mushroom that came with salad. And fish and chips...because i missed the UK so much. *sob*. Ning, my health guru, ordered baked fish with chips. She doesn't eat anything thats battered and fried. That's where we differ. Except for chips. That's where we're similar. And I am talking real chips here. Not anything like those skinny french fries they serve at Mc'Donalds that has twice the amount of oil drenched in them.

Fried mushrooms with salad. Y E S
Ning says I sometimes have a fit of verbal diarrhea (in her defense, she didn't grow up with 5 siblings and 2 toilets), so this time around I am going to beat around the bush and employ more elegance in my choice of words- and lets see if that'll increase my fan base (I think not)

Lets just say: Manhattan did not disappoint. Everything was not bad, not spoiled and definitely not been in the freezer long before you ordered it. OMG, now I sound pessimistic. What I really wanted to say is, and I say this with much gusto and enthusiasm: Manhattan fish market is the best western seafood place to date. Their Dory (that fish you get everywhere in Malaysia), can even pass for Cod, its that fresh. And if seafood turns you cold because your doctor says go easy on the cholesterol, skip the battered-fried fish and go for baked or grilled. They are equally as good and healthy. Just the right blend of herbs and olive oil. I had a stab at Ning's fish and it was heavenly. (I would have stabbed all of it but there was a nerdy bloke sitting on the next table and I had to keep appearances). 

Manhattan rocks. And though its from America, the fish and chips are just as good as the ones from Britain,  albeit it's missing the vinegar. And if you're really in tune with your dining partner (same taste palate and all), go for the double platters. They (freaking) rock. True and tested.

Manhattan Fish Market, Alamanda, Putrajaya
Cleanliness: B
Food: A (left smiling)
Price: ~RM18 per pax (this was appetizer and main course for me. With warm water. Ning paid the same for her baked fish)
Satisfaction Level: A-
Service: B (a bit of a wait. But well worth it).
Atmosphere: Hustle and bustle. Quite a crowd during lunch.

P/S check-out regularly for coupons to save more at Manhattan.
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