Sunday, June 22, 2014

HRC Melaka :: Evaluation of Kid's Menu with Hafiz and Pals

With Akim and Afiz. Armand took.

Another expedition with hubs, this time for Hafiz and friends (friends being Akim and Hazama). This was a weekend trip and we brought all the kids along and stayed in a Super Cowboy Hotel. Literally. If you don't believe me, check it out on Trip Advisor. Hotel nie mmg koboi habis. Enough said.

I am going to iterate on the kids menu because that's all we ordered. The kids meals cost RM17 per order and comes with a drink; your choice of milk, ice lemon tea, sprite or coke. We've made it a point to eliminate coke from the family menu. So we ordered milk and ice lemon tea all the way. Milk tasted like Dutch Lady and lemon tea was cordialish okay. Go for it.

Here's what we ordered while we watched Hafiz and friends' stretch their jugular veins to quasi-bursting point as they hit the high notes. But I must say, the choice of songs that day was excellent. There's that song about you giving all of me and me giving all of you and I am still winning even though I am a loser, and one about I regret putting work above you and if I could I'd put you first next time. Stay tuned for Hafiz and friends on Astro. Since I married this guy (i.e., Mazlan), this is the best show he has had to engineer to date. And Akim, although skinny, is not bad looking at all. He's just not that photogenic on paper.

Kid's menu. For under 100s

Back to the food, all these menu are tried and tested so here goes:

1. Cheeseburger and fries --- A++ enormous and wholesome, deprived of all vegetables and condiments. Armand loved it. And the fries tasted UKish. Wonderful.

2. Hot dog --- exceptionally big and long. Again, deprived of all vegetables and condiments. Qayyum had TWO. It must be very good.

3. HRC Pizza --- cheese and red sauce. Very2 basic. No veggies, no pineapple, and no taste. The cheese was chewy and good but it didn't stick to the crust. It tasted like cheap microwave pizza you can get from Walmart. I suggest you skip.

Iman with her 2nd plate of mac and cheese.

4. Cheesy Mac --- the bestest of them all. We ordered 5 of these and Iman had 4. I took few spoonfuls off her plate though just to be fair. But it really was exceptional. Please just order the mac and cheese.

The bill came to RM180. That's what happens when you take kids to work with you. You win some you spend some extra.

Waiting for the next invite for Hafiz and friends get together. Here's to hoping Hafiz gets some new friends. Like Maher Zain.

Hardrock Cafe 

Cleanliness: B+ (toilets were clean. Very nice)
Food: B++
Price: B
Service: A. Staff was excellent. Very friendly and all smiles.
Atmosphere: okay. There was a performance going on--what did you expect.
Satisfaction level: B+ Melaka is fun, as always..

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