Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rise :: And Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Hard at eat work.
The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is this marvellous piece of modern architecture in the heart of Singapore (heart, kidney, wonders). It is 3 awesome buildings connected together with a huge platform on top that looks like a surfing board and I had the priveledge of having a buffet lunch there right under the second tower with hubs and his colleagues on a good working Wednesday.

Honeycomb and nuts to eat
with some dry biscuits
Desert was a vast selection

Strawberries for the chocolate fountain.
I know if my kids see this they go crazy

Little tiny sauces of condiments

I do not think Rise is halal, so I had only the seafood and fish dishes. And some biscuits and honey. And salads. Regardless, I am still putting in an entry here, because you might get some fantastic ideas when you (or I) open our own restaurants in the kitchen. Five stars to Rise. It is the best lunch buffet I have experienced to date. And that's not even touching their meat dishes.

They had sushi--mostly fish and fish eggs, salads and sauces of all kinds, indian briyanis and curries, italian and pasta, western dishes, seafood raw, biscuits, breads and cheese, soups and lots and lots of desert and one very happy selection of chocolate fountain dippers.

And again.


This all cost SGD$57/pax which is around RM130. For the beautiful scenary, presentation, food selection and comfortable table and chairs, I would say that RM130 is okay (and I shouldn't even be thinking in ringgit!). Perhaps a tad expensive for paying out of your own pocket, but for coperate meetings and lunches (i.e., on the company), it is just perfect. If my vendor treated me to lunch here, lets just say, it would take a lot of effort to say no to the proposal.

Fresh fruits for grabs...

Sweets and cookies. These remind me of my kids. They would go crazy I am sure..
Bread pudding. Eat with vanilla and chocolate sauce. A++
So many types of bread. But I was too full already..
Array at Indian section
Salmon in Teriyaki sauce
Fresh seafood
I don't know what this is. I think Tuna and feta cheese..

Loved it, definitely loved it and what started out as a formal business meeting turned into very lively friendly conversation. Rise, when you go halal, please let me know and I will put you in my top recommended list!

Here it is from afar. The three buildings with surf board on top.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Cleanliness: A
Food: A++
Price: Expensive. But it's buffet. In Singapore, of all places!
Service: A
Atmosphere: A. Very comfortable. There were trees inside. It was like a giant greenhouse.
Satisfaction Level: A.

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