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TalentLounge :: PJ Tradecenter :: Ramadhan Buffet Review~

My tasters and fill-in-the-blankers.
I feel really happy to pen this one down. A restaurant after my own heart. Small and sweet and a selection of food that is just right, priced just right. With shelved books nearby to flip through for those times you just want to chill out by yourself and pretend you have a life outside your phone and some very friendly and helpful waiters. Like I said, I am really happy to pen this one down.

This was a weekend trip with the entire family. Tomorrow is Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah for the honor of another Ramadhan. Coincidentally today is Iman's birthday. And the brownies we had (to make up for the cake) were delicious. And now, full of cake she announces:

Hear hear!!

The crazy thing is, the event manager of TalentLounge is hub's old pal. So he was pretty much in Jejak Kasih mode and pretty happy with the whole set-up. He could eat, take pictures and reminisce with his pal while I daintily nibble and wait for inspiration. Thanks for his expert help at getting the kids off me, I managed to blog this one down on location and won a hamper from our sponsers. Thank you Hungrygowhere. Go where? Go TalentLounge.

Group photo~~
With Event Manager, Azlan. Also old friend.

Colorful is probably the best word I can use to describe the dishes. There were, amongst others, red chicken (ayam masak merah, B++), yellow fish (ikan masak lomak cili padi, oh my--A), brown rice (mediterranean briyani with beef, big crazy A), green salad with honey dressing, orange carrot crunchies (loved the presentation for this), white thin pita to go with some real humus (one of the best, A!), crispy potatoe wedgies (quality potatoes, A+) and the chocolatiest-ever brownies (this one just made my day and the kids too). And drinks were pink bandung, red tea and black coffee. The chefs pretty much covered the entire color spectrum. If they could come up with something blue I am sure it'd be pretty good too.

crunchy carrors and cucumber, white
pita and humus. A++
mediterranean rice with pieces of beef.

The buffet they are offering this Ramadhan costs RM45+ per pax and RM20+ for 12 and under. The best thing is, surau and very clean toilets are just few metres away and they'll be laying out carpets too for people who want to pray just outside. The restaurant is on the ground floor of the PJ trade centre, a quiet area, facing a grove of trees on a gravel patch where hubs did a kuch-kuch hota hai on me (Jejak Kasih mode). Parking should be easy. Go Green and tie your bike to a tree. Restaurant closes 9 pm so you can go home and do terawih.

The chewwiest brownies...I loved it..
Selection of local kuihs..
Hubs selection of food..
Lamb with rocket

One more very important observation worth mentioning is the deco. The sofas were really really comfortable. Birthday girl asked me: mama can we sleep here tonight? I couldn't be bothered to reply. The next question might be even more challenging. But I do know where that came from.

Loved the layout of the place. There were places to read, eat and lepak.
There's something about the trees I guess.. :||
My camera-guy cum babysitter for the day being interviewed by NTV7 reporter.

TalentLounge in a nutshell: colorful selection of great food that is reasonably priced in a very creative set-up at a strategic location. This is a Sheemz recommended restaurant (yaayy~). Mazlan cannot comment. He's bounded under Conflict of Interest laws.

PJ Trade Centre, Damansara Perdana

Cleanliness: A
Food: A -- loved it even though it was a small selection, it was just right
Price: A -- appropriate.
Service: A -- waiters were friendly and helpful
Atmosphere: A++ very comfortable. Kids didn't want to leave it seems..
Satisfaction Level: A

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