Friday, December 9, 2011

San Francisco 2 (it's a mom-son thing xD)

Creme Brulee. YES. Absolutely
(San Francisco Part 1 here).

Since Armand's off to his dad's tomorrow for the holidays celebrating Sultan Selangor's birthday trekking in the jungles of Terengganu I'm sure, the night before would be our traditional quality mom-son-before-you-go time. Usually we'd go out, watch a movie, catch up on school, his friends, my friends, shoot some zombies at the arcade and then find a place where we can watch football or national geographic and eat. That would be San Francisco this time around.

Last time we came here, Armand said he'd want to order lamb ribs for next time. But now that we're here, we both agreed lamb ribs for RM55 seemed too fantastic. That's like 10 quarter pounders from McD or 30 nasi lemak lauk telur from the Bangi market. Na'ah. We'll wait for the next person in the family to get married. That way, Atok will get an entire lamb on the spit, not just the ribs.

Chicken Lasagne. OK. NO.
So we ordered creme brulee (gorgeous), garlic bread and mushroom soup (superb), chicken lasagne for me (good, but could be better), salmon with honey mustard for Armand (perfection), banana milkshake (excellent, says Armand, I'll take his word on it) and coffee (bittersweet). We enjoyed the food tremendously even as we watched in horrified wonder the documentary that was playing on TV about some mat sallehs skinning, cooking and eating rattlesnakes in Bali. Let me just say, do rattlesnakes look like their begging to be eaten? I had always thought they'd kill you if you came near them. Unlike cows.

The bill came out to be RM80. I pretended not to act shocked (it gets easier with practice), calmly smiled, paid the bill, picked up my mobile in slo-mo, called HSBC and asked them to void the latest transaction on my credit card. We left loudly joking about not coming back. But we probably will. Next payday. 

Garlic bread and wild mushroom soup. Go for it. YES

Salmon with honey mustard and mixed veggies.
Definite YES.

Pizza San Francisco, Bandar Baru Bangi
Cleanliness: A 
Food: B+ (expensive but very good)
Price: ~RM40 per pax including drinks and desert
Satisfaction level: B+ 
Service: A- (friendly waiters, short wait)
Atmosphere: B+ (nice dining atmosphere. We have a favourite table there. In front of the telly)

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