Sunday, June 3, 2012

Secret Recipe: A Fish & Chippies Day

Kak Sarina and Miza waiting for our chippies

I sincerely miss my S2, I really do, and I am bummed that a few droplets of water by the sink drowned it and scrapped the warranty that came with it. We had some good times me and he. The Samsung service guy called me with awful news. Touchscreens are way to expensive to replace, you might as well get a new phone he says. Didn't he know my S2 is irreplaceble? 

But of course it is not, Allah just has better plans. He always does. Whenever He takes away something or --someone for that matter, He always replaces it with something/one even better. Every single time. Never fails. And now, I am using my mom's redundant Galaxy Tab. See. And by default every caller goes straight to speakerphone. Yay. Hands-free~~ No  more private phone calls. Whatsapp me ok people.

So now, I am looking at the picture folder I had downloaded into my PC just before my S2 succumbed to water. The pictures here were taken way back before Kak Sarina had her baby. There was a SALE at Mothercare's and Miza has a membership card. ____________________ .

We--out of nowehere--suddenly found ourselves at Secret Recipe Alamanda. And fish and chips, although fried, weren't soaked in MSG (I am an anti-MSG activist nowadays). Not to mention, fish and chips are so British, it brings back warm memories of cold winds, frozen puddles, hail stones and stiff jaws (stress from all that PhD write-up) we all of us ordered the same thing. Of course the size of the fish are like dwarfs compared to the gigantic pieces of fish they serve over there. But hey. It was delicious.

Random pic from Health magazine: salmon,
dark chocolate, berries and eggs are
good for you~~

From Umar: Allah's Messenger (s.a.w) said: "Eat together, and do not separate, for the blessing is in the company." Ibn Mäja

Alamanda has the best
Secret Recipe 

Cleanliness: A
Price: ~RM15
Satisfaction Level: B+
Service: B+
Atmosphere: B+

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