Sunday, March 2, 2014

Suraya Kpg Baru: fresh fish, fast service~~

Check out the telur dadar --- my favourite!!

Welcome to another edition of food intertwined with another flash of my life with my homies. Thank you to Allah for all the blessings He bestows on myself and my family. May we always be grateful servants.

This was us on our way back to Bangi from Ampang Point, where we had spent the whole afternoon at Harvey Normon quizzing the enthusiastic salesman on all aspects of Television and ended up not buying anything. His name is Wan so if you ever find yourself there (there's a sale going on at Harvey's up until the 30th of this month and all the cool flat-screen TV's are virtually free), please seek him out so that he will get the commission he deserves.

So in the car my husband asks me in his Ulu Klang accent: my darling wife, where should we go eat? My answer was: "rice and no malls. How about Kampung Baru?" I can't remember what he said in reply but he did a U-turn and lo and behold we where in Kampung Baru in 3 minutes. It must be the new LED lights in the car. 

We went to Suraya's because as we drove by, the place was crazy crowded, so we just had to check it out. Parking was easy to find, although the street was jam-packed with cars (there were PARKING signs everywhere). We hung around at the restaurant for about 10 minutes waiting for a table, until I saw a family leave and did a beeline for it. I literally beat a couple with two kids by sliding straight into the chair (with faithful step-daughter by side) and pretended not to see them. They yielded. Poor things. I am sorry.

This was what we ordered: siakap 3 rasa (A+), telur dadar (A+), sambal belacan (A), tomyam campur (A+++), 4 plates of white rice, 1 chicken fried rice for Qayyum (A), 2 pulut mangga for desert (A) and drinks. The bill came up to RM69.50 (the fish was RM35) but the kakak at the counter gave me back a ringgit change when I passed her RM70. Very generous of her, although if she gave me back RM50 I would perhaps include a googlemap with this review and a photoshopped picture of her pretty self.

Seafood tomyam and sambal belacan. A+++
Ikan 3 rasa: A+
Nasi goreng ayam. A
Your favourite food reviewer with her favourite step-son

What surprised me most was service. The place looked like it was in chaos, but they managed to get our orders, and serve us food--very very quickly. The Rasa 3 fish was delicious; I am excited to try the Sweet and Sour or Masak Halia fish next time. The tom-yam was spectacular, a must order. Other dishes on the menu we didn't get was the kerang rebus (steamed shells). Everybody seemed to be having them, especially skinny women. I know fish increases metabolism but kerang increases cholesterol right? I need a student to do some research on this. Perhaps an FYP project.

The famous kerang which we passed. Next time insyaAllah.

By the way, the waiters are from Kelantan, so if you're like me, a Google translator might come in handy (read: your husband). Or Shazam. Or something.

Next time you're in KL do check out the place. Tell your husband, nasi and no malls. Or, plomp him and say Suraya Kampung Baru la abang sebab Sheema baru buat review hari tu in Kelantanese. He'll get you there in 3 minutes, confirm.

Kerabu stall in front of restaurant

Suraya Seafood,
Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur

Cleanliness: C
Food: A+
Price: A (just right~)
Satisfaction Level: A
Service: A --fast. Although waiters should speak KL because we are in KL right??
Atmosphere: A+ meriah~

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