Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Seoul garden: k-pop buffet

Birthday boy is on far right.

Let's get one thing straight: Seoul Garden does not serve soul food. That would be zikir and lots of remembrance of The Creator; or in my husband's case a whole round of Mufti Menk lectures. No. We went to Seoul Garden for Hafiz's birthday. And with five paying souls, birthday boy eats free.

check out the birthday package.

This is one of those buffets where you pay to cook your own meal. In the future, not only will you get to cook your own meal, you'll also have to do the groceries and clean up after. That restaurant would be called Your Kitchen. And I am opening it. InsyaƁllah.

For RM30 the selection was not bad. There was chicken, beef and fish marinated in several spices. There were different types of noodles available: springy, curly, yellow, green, thick, thin--take your pick. There was nasi goreng, mee goreng, udang goreng etc etc. Am not going to mention all the food items, you can check out the pictures and figure out whats what for yourself. Worth mentioning though is price include drinks and not just water. There were several teas and juices and the jasmine green tea was nice~~ I loved it 


Desert Selection

I can't say the tom-yam soup in which we chucked everything into was superb, but it was ok. We requested for oil to fry the meat in, because it became a bit dry and stuck to the grill and the waiters gave us a bowl-full. Hafiz got creative and fried his chicken with onions from the salad bar--sending a new aromatic whiff throughout the restaurant. Judging at how far the onions were placed from the meats, I don't think that's how the Koreans would've done it. Regardless, we let birthday boy get away with it this time. Next time, there won't be a next time.

Proud sponsors of Hafiz's birthday treat.

Conclusion: definitely worth a go. Price not bad at all. Selection very good. And birthday dude/duddette eats for free if he/she has at least 5 ravenous paying friends. Which reminds me, my bro's birthday is coming up next week. And he can certainly cook his own birthday meal for a change.
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Burp! Alhamdulillah..
Seoul Garden
Paradigm Mall

Cleanliness: A
Food: B (ala k-pop)

Price: ~~RM30 per person. Thanks yang.
Satisfaction level: A (kenyang giler ok!!)
Service: B++ (this one waiter dude told me not to take pictures)
Atmosphere: B+

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