Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ikea :: meatballs galore!

This was last weekends trip to Ikea. After an afternoon at the swimming pool at the Cyberjaya Community Center, with the kids choking on water so keruh you can't see two fingers poked into your goggles, Mazlan thought it was time to head back to civilization. That would be dinner at IKEA apparently.

Since I hadn't done a review for quite some time it seems (and you noticed Picasa has wiped out all my pictures from this blog -- oh well), Mazlan out of the goodness of his heart ordered the entire menu at Ikea-- even though all I ever wanted was the meatballs. Instead, I ended up with the Creamy Salmon and Fish & Chips. In retrospect though, thank goodness and alhamdulillah everyone was hungry and none of the food went to waste.

Begin review..

Iman my little helper. 
Q with his spaghetti. A++


Iman and Q had spaghetti with carbonara. I didn't get a spoonful in me, they both wiped their plates clean in less than 5 minutes. I am guessing Ikea is spot on with the kids menu. Or whatever it is they put in the carbonara sauce.

Meatball guy 1.
This guy is booked-- by Nescafe.
Meatball guy 2. This one
available for babysitting services


This is what IKEA is all about. The meatballs. The furniture was just a wild gimmick.

Armand had meatballs; the 16 serving one. He had two balls leftover and Q finished them off and literally licked all the gravy off the plate too. Bravo Q.

Mazlan had meatballs too. He also forgot the world and its problems for a few minutes but managed to remember to snuck 2 into my plate. How did I land myself such a thoughtful guy. I am thanking my lucky stars.

Fish and Chips. No~~

Salmon, brocolli and potato with some watery yellow sauce. 


I had the salmon and it was quite bland. The lemon sauce was a bit too watery and a dollop of cream in it would have done the voluptuous Nigella proud. The potatoes were slightly under-cooked. I didn't finish my salmon but Iman helped me out there, along with the gigantic broccoli which was also still very much crunchy. Rest assured the vitamins must all still be there undestroyed.

And the fish and chips? In true De Niro style: foged abaudid!!**. Fried fish doesn't taste that good when it's mass fried and sitting in the tray for a while: the oil sogs the batter up. I suspect one of my filet's was fried twice too; I do not appreciate that at all Ikea.

Mushroom soup, awesome with the dinner rolls and butter. B+++!


The mushroom soup was mildly acceptable and it went well with the dinner roll and butter; which rocked big time (hey Anchor butter!). Of course, then everybody wanted the buttered dinner roll with the mushroom soup. Mom had to improvise quickly and cinnamon rolls dipped in mushroom soup tastes good too apparently. Thank goodness for under-developed taste-buds.

And then of course there's that TV area where the kids can go to and you can finally munch in peace. That was the whole purpose of the trip it seems: the TV and the meatballs.

This is what you should aim for. A++!!


Go to ikea. Get the meatballs. Drag your own trolley if you have to. Don't let your man talk you out of it. Even if you have a food blog.

Don't bother getting a house. Just move into IKEA.

That's half the meatballs gone already.

Petaling Jaya

Cleanliness: B
Food: B, Meatballs: A
Price: I would estimate RM20/person. Thanks Mazlan!
Satisfaction Level: A
Atmosphere: A. Lots and lots of people. I like!

**translation: lupakan saja.

This is a Mazlan recommended restaurant! :)


  1. Yup..the meatballs is a must! i love them. today, tomorrow..wheneva.
    and hey...the nescafe's refillable. pls feel free to drown yourself..hahaha!

    nice review Shima. Keep up the good work!