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Bandung: Kampung Daun (hint: it's not a kampong)

(Click on pictures to enlarge. Thanks to my hubby for the awesome shots).

Welcome Sign to Kampung Daun

There's this restaurant in Bandung that is totally different than what we are normally used to. When we go and eat out, it is usually inside a building or outside on the premises or maybe in a foodcourt. Well this restaurant is completely different: its a whole kampung. You eat in little gazebos, and when you're done, you get to sleep there too. Until you feel like leaving.

Inside Tangkuban Perahu.

We passed by this place on the way back from Tangkuban Perahu, the recently smoking volcano that last erupted 21st February of this year and nearly made me cancel our trip. On asking advice from my dad, he said : "Go to Bandung, just don't go to the volcano". On emailing the hotel we were told: "Don't worry, volcano is far far away from hotel". Mazlan checked Googlemaps and it was 20 km away. Wow. Really far. On foot.

Abang on Mount Tangkuban

The car park at volcano mouth.

So the plan was to stay quietly at the hotel and not go near the volcano. But one can only plan, and Allah plans too. The hotel driver who picked us up at Bandung Airport reverse-psychoed Mazlan into Tangkuban within the first 5 minutes of conversation. His pseudo-exact words that reeled Mazlan in: You ain't been to Bandung if you ain't been to Tangkuban Perahu. And before I knew it, Mazlan was on his way to Tangkuban with me following closely behind (read: you jump I jump -- at least during our honeymoon). Luckily at Tangkuban mountain Mazlan did not jump. He merely took some shots and spent a few hundred thousand bucks on some souvenirs. (Not American bucks, thank goodness.)

On the way to Kampung Daun, we passed by a beautiful tea plantation
Kampung Daun!
Cosily seated in our hut

Thus was the path that led us to Kampung Daun.

On the 20 km ride back to town, leaving behind Tangkuban Perahu and the ridiculous (and rather gross) legend behind it (which you really don't want to know), our ever faithful driver Pak Aris suggested Kampung Daun for a late lunch. I whole-heartedly agreed: it was 3pm and my stomach was growling crazy. Unlike Mazlan I didn't monopolize all the salmon at breakfast buffet and left others wanting.

Me busy writing. Coz that's what people do on their honeymoon while
their hubby is busy taking pictures.

Nasi Timbal and skinny chicken. The rice is wrapped in banana leaf.
Sup Buntut Panggang. Abang's.

Pak Aris ordered Nasi Timbal and so did I because it looked like a few dishes combined in one order. And I guess because I trust this dude would know what the best dish would be in Bandung. Mazlan ordered the Sup Bontot Panggang and I have to say, he made a very good choice (it was delicious). So next time, I should just trust my husband and scrap the local dude.

My sambal was really really hot though (which I usually like) but it was so hot I wasted my vanilla shake on it. My chicken was underweight and too skinny to die but Pak Aris said ayam kampungs' are petite and supposed to be like that. Enough with the excuses. On the upside though, it's definitely healthier than the hormon-injected chickies back home.

It was raining..
A river ran through the kampung
People in their huts. Sleeping.

Telur goreng on the spot.

To the carpark.

After lunch we (me and Mazlan, we left Pak Aris behind) took a stroll around the village cum restaurant.  We noticed people sleeping in their huts with dirty plates strewn on the tables. That was when we realize you can actually camp out here regardless of the crowd outside waiting for their turn to eat. Talk about eating in tai tai. And it was raining too, setting the scene for a very lazy and slow afternoon. No, we did not go back to our hut and nap. No way. Not with Pak Aris eyeing us. We're paying him to drive.

Pak Aris. Full.

End note: so next time Tangkuban Perahu erupts and you plan a Nat Geo visit, you know where to Jalan-jalan cari makan in Bandung. Keywords to order are Sup Buntut Panggang (it's oxtail soup really, so-called because they roast the meat after boiling it) and the internationally known vanilla shake. The combination is nearly as awesome as Tangkuban Perahu --minus the legend! (which as I said before, you don't really want to know). 

Kampung Daun
Bandung, Indonesia

Cleanliness: B
Food: A
Price: ~RM100-RM150  for 3 people. Thanks Abang!
Satisfaction Level: A
Service: B++ (quite fast)   
Atmosphere: A (Very relaxing. A new experience.)

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