Friday, February 3, 2012

Alamanda Food Court: Mixed Rice (give it a try...)

Nadia. My best friend!
I am 99.8% back to normal now. After the terrible headaches and neck pain I have been going through for a while now, I am nearly recovered. Nadia took me to this traditional chinese doctor who did some chi-repairing, and I must say, he was excellent. I know that soon I will be completely recovered insyaÁllah, but I do not want to forget the resolutions I had made while sick. So note to future self: remember your promises!

After the visit to the chi-doc, we stopped by Alamanda for lunch. I have aspired to minimize processed foods and go for all natural. The Mixed Rice stall in Alamanda was a good start. By the by, the chi-doc told me to cut down on the following for good health: kangkung, long cabbage, cucumber, soft tofu, watermelons, pineapple, bananas, cempedak and nangka (jackfruit). The pineapple part just breaks my heart. 

Yes. All this was for RM9. And it was good.
I had the ikan masak lemak (nice), brocolli (nice) and sambal petai (wonderful). Nadia had pretty much the same. And since her plate was pretty much cleaned out after, I am guessing her choice of lauk was good too. For drinks, we had all pure and natural young coconut juice. That must be the best part of our meal. For RM3.80, it was refreshingly sweet and fresh. Awesome. Go for it for sure. My uncle said that if you selawat on it 3 times and drink it from the shell, it will neutralize any bad chi (ilmu hitam) anyone's ever done to you, insyaAllah. So,  skip the coca-cola okay. At least when you're in Alamanda. 

I wish all my blog-readers good health!

Alhamdulillah for good food and great friends and the health and the time to enjoy them.

Alamanda Food Court, 

Cleanliness: B 
Food: B+
Price: ~RM10 per person including drinks 
Satisfaction Level: B++ 
Service: N/A 
Atmosphere: nice. but that's coz Alamanda's my second home.


  1. 3.80 only for air kelapa? So gonna get that next time. Teh tarik is rm 2 kot. Get well soon (0.2% to go)

  2. Thanks luke..yes get it. I hope ure well too!